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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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True, we are  just a small hobby group, enjoying the idea  of finding some interesting aspects  in exercise physiology.
 So  NO  " validation"  no publication, no nothing.
 Just having fun.
 Here  three contribution I got in   in the  last few  days.
 Just  to have a  look and  a short info on what we  do with this.
 Att. 1. First ever closer look physiologically , what different loads  and ideas in a swim training  from a world  class swimmer may do or not  do.
 Here just the over view  picture. There was planned  warm up  and three  specific  sets  of a  workout.
 Thanks  to  Dominique  from  the east coast ( Montreal )

2. att. Is  a live  inside  view in a  hockey game prep  and the first period of an athlete.
 Thanks  to  Brian  ( Next level SP )  

3. is a bigger project .  Looking  closer  to  our idea of ECGM.  You see  a  bike TIP  with   2 moxys  , one on a  working muscle  (  quadriceps )  and one  on the  arm biceps. ( Thanks  to EUK/ Swinco   for this internal case studies.)
  Here just  first the SmO2 trend.
The Biceps  had as well a SEMG  on to be sure the activity level was not compromised.
  As well we had  VO2  and  Cardiac info  as usual.

 Look at the trend.
  Our focus is  to see, whether, if, there is  such a thing like a central control,  O2  may be shifted  from an inactive muscle  to an active  muscle  and what would happen with tHb (  Vasoconstriction )due to muscle tension versus vasoconstriction due to central control and vasoconstriction.
  In short.  If we have a central regulation, than  the drop in SmO2 in the inactive arm is not due to  utilization of O2 but rather  due to reduced  delivery into this area.
 If this  is the case   than  mechanical vasoconstriction due to muscle activity will show up instantly  , while  central  regulated  vasoconstriction  and O2  delivery  will have a lag  time  before  dropping  . So we  should see a  drop in SmO2  in the inactive  muscle  later  and longer  duration , than in the active muscle.  See att 4  O2 Hb  and HHb    an delay  of inactive   blood flow trend  and inactive  deoxygenation trend.

This  are all examples  and many more  will follow  from people pushing the edge  in improving  physiological information.
 Instead of looking  at  times  and or wattage  only , we try o get  some inside view , whether  actually the same load  was indeed the same physiological stimulation.
 As well  we like to see,  what  happens  , when the CG  may  help to regulate    actions  to  keep vital  system in  a " happy " mood.
  This  3  examples  trigger now a  flurry of discussion  inside our  small group  of people  world  wide  and we see, what we  can use  and improve our ideas  and what looks great but we do not yet understand the outcome of it.

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