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dawn lagergren

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I wore Moxy for a 5k race today.  I started it up and put it on well before the race started so there is lots of data from standing around and doing some warm-up (although lately I do very little to warm up).  The race begins at 9:28:35 in the data and I ran the first mile in 7:19.  Mile 2 starts at 9:35:54 and the time was 7:32.  The third and final mile starts at 9:42:86 and I ran it the slowest of the three in 7:54.  I finished the last little bit at a sprint and then did some walking/jogging for cool down.  I will be interested to see the graph of this since my computer guru/husband is not home to help with that part.

I noticed that the readings at rest this time were in the upper 60 to lower 70 range when I first put it on which was lower than Thursday before my evening bike ride (reading was 80).  Are muscles less oxygenated in the morning after a long period of inactivity?  Maybe not as I just checked while I am sitting here and readings are still at 60.

I had the monitor on my left outer thigh muscle again (rectus femoris?).

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Dawn - Great to see you at the race and discuss the Moxy.  For a first race with Moxy, I was delighted to discover that there were two of us.  After using the device only a couple of times, and now only in one race, my only observation would be that the numbers seem extremely low compared to what I was used to with the previous prototype.  I ran pretty hard (for me) the entire race, but wasn't going so fast that I was out of breath, stopping to walk, etc., but my numbers were in the lower 20's, and upper teens.  I would have expected from my work with the previous device that I would be getting into the upper to mid 30's, then 20's in the final sprint.  

I wanted to pull up the data from the device yesterday afternoon and discovered that the battery was dead (or something like that) and the device was not lighting up.  I am trying a charge again this morning to see if I can get the data to share in this forum.

Congratulation on 1st place in your division.

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