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Juerg Feldmann

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Got  a nice  critical  mail
 In a summary :
 who besides  MOXY used  NIRS  and  is there somebody  reliable  who  did  some  research  and  did some publications.?
 Absolutely great  and  good point.
 I like to start with a summary here, as we  show  nonstop  independent  studeis  supporting or not supporting our ideas.
  Here  so   you have it short.  Longer as a pdf   below if you have time  and  please look at the  publication date.
 Many may be already  soon a  1/4  century behind reality.


The use of NIRS in sports and exercise science has increased exponentially during

the past several years. Based on the available literature, there is sufficient data to

show that NIRS can be used as an objective measurement tool for evaluating localized

muscle oxidative metabolism and hemodynamics during both acute exercise

and following chronic training programs. Data is available to show that NIRS

can be used to differentiate physical fitness level, indirectly reflect blood flow

changes during acute exercise, and monitor changes in endurance exercise training

and during resistance workout exercises. More research is warranted to examine

the effects of differing training strategies such as tapering on muscle oxygenation

and tHb changes, the contribution of myoglobin to the NIRS signal, and

more precisely define the local region of interrogation by the NIRS probe.


I would like to acknowledge the financial support from the VP Research Office and the

Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick, and I thank my colleagues

Drs. Marco Ferrari and Yagesh Bhambhani for their constructive comments

during the preparation of this manuscript. I would also like to express my sincere

appreciation to my famiy for their support during the writing of this manuscript.

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