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Juerg Feldmann

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Even though  it nearly does not matter, we prefer some specific areas. If you do lower body exercises  fro endurance you are   most often on the quadriceps part  on the out side ( Vastus lateralis.. For upper body  most often biceps.
 Are the SmO2 values for all involved muscles the same.
 Answer : No.
 What is the same is the trend so  you look   for placement on a muscle you are sure he is one of the main "mover" in the sport discipline you   assess.
. The trend information is tested  from many great institution.
 Here an abstract from the UBC in Canada.


The purpose of this study was to determine which upper-limb muscle exhibits the greatest change in muscle deoxygenation during arm-cranking exercise (ACE). We hypothesized that the biceps brachii (BB) would show the greatest change in muscle deoxygenation during progressive ACE to exhaustion relative to triceps brachii (TR), brachioradialis (BR), and anterior deltoid (AD). Healthy young men (n = 11; age = 27 ± 1 y; mean ± SEM) performed an incremental ACE test to exhaustion. Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was used to monitor the relative concentration changes in oxy- (O2Hb), deoxy- (HHb), and total hemoglobin (Hbtot), as well as tissue oxygenation index (TOI) in each of the 4 muscles. During submaximal arm exercise, we found that changes to NIRS-derived measurements were not different between the 4 muscles studied (p > 0.05). At maximal exercise HHb was significantly higher in the BB compared with AD (p < 0.05). Relative to the other 3 muscles, BB exhibited the greatest decrease in O2Hb and TOI (p < 0.05). Our investigation provides two new and important findings: (i) during submaximal ACE the BB, TR, BR, and AD exhibit similar changes in muscle deoxygenation and (ii) during maximal ACE the BB exhibits the greatest change in intramuscular O2 status

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