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The many interesting ideas we share on here is based on years  of  adding more and more  equipment to te overall idea, that the human  or any physiological system is really a team work.
 End results of a team work   is  performance  for example in speed or wattage.
 BUT   the end result is not what is needed  to   create an individual  development or training program. What we need si   feedback  form individual team member  to see, where and what  works  optimal as a part of the team  and  who may hod  hte  team back.
 Here a small insight  view in equipment  and Red Bull with Per  Lundstrome   is   one of the bigger groups  who   approach this idea. We  try it in a  very small group  and the goal as you can see is  to  down regulate  the huge amount of  equipment os the  average person on the road    can  make some interesting individual conclusions. 

You can see once  you go through this  list  why we   sometimes  smile a little bit , when we see   studies based on lactate    or VO2  max  %  in this day and   age.

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