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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Welcome on this forum.
 We have, as you can see different new topics on this forum.
The idea is to create an information flow, but as well a Q and A opportunity.
On this section here we try to limit postings to actual existing research papers , relevant  for us to explain advantage and disadvantage of using  MOXY/NIRS, but as well to  explain certain steps we will show , as they are backed up  by existing research but sometimes as well oppose existing studies.
The simple goal is to move an exiting new technology into the grassroot groups of health,  fitness and peformance athlets. So  be ready to  have fun reading lot's of interesting ideas and open lot's of discussions and questions.
 On this  thread you can't post to avoid discussion in every thread. If you have great studies, please forward them to MOXY or to Thanks and I look forward to a great time and lot's of fun.
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