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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
After many month  of great feedback from out of the BOX thinking centers in Europe  as "test drivers"   MOXY now can be bought directly in Europe as well. The European group SWINCO as well  will support you in the physiological aspects as well in basic technological questions. Same as in Canada.
 In Europe your contact  is  for the moment
 In Canada it is and in the USA and world wide it is
 All this contacts work  closely together to give you the best start into this new challenging but exiting step towards a  interesting  physiological bio feedback.
As usual come her on this forum with questions and as so many do use one of the above email for your personal specific questions and if it is a very common one we will try  as good as possible to give you the answer here on this forum.
 In Swenglish most often ( Swiss and English.)
 Cheers Juerg

PS  ( Holiday  time is close so  don't' forget to put it on your wish list ( Smile )
Dreaming is aloud and we are getting close to  all of this ideas.

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Software 2 moxy's and the fun of an assessment.
 We now have a great new software  we can use  when working out  or assessing people in a test center.
 You can have one MOXY info  and go up to 8 at the same time. Optimal is 4  at the same time . 4 people or  4 different body parts.
 This means we can check in many sports asymmetric metabolic reactions  we may other wise not understand. Here a nice example.
 Difference between this study in cost  25'000 + $  to now 2000$ dollar  and you have 2 independent  moxys  and  live info on the screen.
 We already have some advanced centers now  moving in this direction. Future looks very interesting in many different  aspects in rehab and  sport.

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