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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Welcome Larry and his crew from the Fix studio. Visit his great website and you can see, who and why  certain groups are ready to challenge us and themselves to be  not the best but be better.
 Larry brings  exactly what we look for , a wealth of experience in practical application of  training ideas and challenges.
. To show you how open we work here   an open letter to the group after a e mail exchange,.

Hallo together and wowww thanks Larry and Levon to be a part of our crazy ideas.

It will be NOT easy to stay focused on what we like to accomplish.

Which is mainly challenging our own education and believes and ideas.

Here a very simple example on what you may be against:

The F in FaCT is actually me. F stands for Feldmann a for and and C for Chlebek my partner in the company FaCT- Canada..

The FaCT idea started for me in the late 1970 when I was working in the high altitude center in St. Moritz as well coaching in the biggest track and field club in Switzerland.

Main reason. ( Hints by a guy named Brooks in the 1980 and some other great critical thinkers, that lactate may not what we learned the bad and ugly..

We worked therefore against the established 2 and 4 mmol ideas of the German castle around Liesen . Mader and many of them.

The practical approach showed a lack of balance between a great idea and the reality we saw in athletes.

In short. we where locking more at trends rather than absolute numbers.

Still under the impression , that perhaps lactate is the bad guy.

Many 1000 test showed, that in many cases lactate in the system enhanced actual performance and the upcoming works mainly in the group around Brooks, Gladden and more including the interesting , but not accepted concept of T. Noakes on possible connection between brain and body let us to create some different ideas.

Lactate balance point as the next step and 20 years ago moving to Canada bringing with me the first small POC lactate analyzer ( from Boehringer Mannheim ( Accusport ) open a new area for me of private and fun approaches to challenge classical ideas.

Now we go one new direction and when I started to use NIRS some 10 years ago I had to my own damaging situation the realization , that LBP was a great step forward but it does not work the way we where hoping or using it.

So the group , who took over FaCT education has a big challenge, as to accept the situation that we made a step forward to make a step back to reviewed what we learned at we can use and what has to be re-assessed.

I allow my self to take a short statement out form your web site not as a critic, as it was my believe as well but as a an opportunity to welcome you with a critical mind in our group.

Our mission is not to be the best but be better.

Here we go, what I would tell myself to reconsider :

" These changing levels of lactate in the system help us to determine the proper zones for each athlete to perform different types of workouts (recovery, endurance, tempo etc).


This statement may be possible top move over, when we start to understand and integrate MOXY into our existing ideas of testing .

This is one of many reasons why Andri designed the protocols the way they are and we hope we can give you and you can give us many positive feed-backs on how we can improve.

Cheers Juerg

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