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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Many mails ask the same question:
 1. Where and when can I buy a MOXY.
2. How can I learn  and where can I learn more on the integration of MOXY into my existing  testing  business ?
3. How can I use MOXY for may daily training.?

Here some answers.
  a) MOXY ill   announce the official  opening of sales options in the next few weeks.
 People who preordered MOXY will be informed and than there will be a slow release of  more   MOXY
's  as we go along . Roger and His company will announce the steps and the procedure.
 b) we will offer for all new MOXY customers and existing MOXY customer  different options for help and  introduction.
 E.U.K with  its partner group in Europe will have  an on-line support service ready for you for any level.
 Form simple question on the use ( Physiological information) to  testing options to simply  take your data's you collect  with your  experience and test  and by sending the data's to E.U.K  you will get a summary , information interpretation and some  ideas on what  we can do or what we  could suggest to improve.
 We will  inform you  on how you can sent your data's in after you purchased a MOXY and how you can sign up for a linger support period till you feel confident or in some cases you simply  may like to collect the data's and we will sent you the test result finish and ready for your customer to discuss with you . So no work and no time problems for you.
 How this will work will be releases  with the MOXY information  and how and where you can purchase it.
 So stay tuned ,as over the next few month you may see a test center opening in your area or an existing test center may offer additional information to the existing info, as they add a MOXY to their test equipment.
 It looks very interesting as we will have different great centers adding NIRS ( MOXY ) and   as well Physioflow to their equipment and you will soon have a much different information , when you go back and get a VO2 test done, as  now many will offer you a much better information on limitation and compensation  and on who you work on your weakness to improve your overall strength.
 Exciting times a head in the testing  but as well  personal training planning world.

Below and example of a MOXY test with intensity suggestions based on MOXY only.
 It is a TIP  ( Training intensity profile based on SmO2 trend.
 If you go further you would have as well a RIP Respiratory intensity profile same  way.
 and a CIP ( Cardiac intensity profile )
 Now you can imagine overlapping this three info's and you can see, what system will be loaded how strong. Do you load only the limiter or do you load 2 systems and if yes is the third compensating or not and so on . All different combinations.
 This allows you to understand the change in performance and the change in some bio markers. like HR , RF and SmO2 the next day after a workout, as you know which system was overloaded to the limit or had to compensate or what ever you planned to do.

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