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Juerg Feldmann

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WADA to investigate new doping allegations in athletics

Whistle blower leaked results of 12,000 blood tests from 5,000 athletes

 I  simply had  to think loud, as  I  worked  extremely hard  and long in endurance sport. I was involved and had the privilege to work with many top  world class athletes over all this years from track and field gold medal winners  to triathlon old medal winners  to cross country skiing  and cycling  to name some during my time in the high altitude center in St. Moritz , Switzerland  and  for the Swiss Olympic comity as well as for many personal coaching addition  for many athletes.

Here where my  ideas  often started  to fundamentally  differ and this happened as well when I arrived here in Canada , where I had the privilege to help to develop the two most success ful  endurance athletes from their young age  of 15 +-  years till they hit the world class level. It is relative easy to bring an athlete to a top level. It is very very hard to keep that level and there  is where some athletes from often Media and money pressures  and more , start to get into a  direction ,which is not accepted for many  out there but it is often the only way , as they believe  to get  to the next level only over certain steps.

It is  all about reaching a limitation( limiter)  and the only  way we  can move up is  to find a compensation is over "artificial "  short term compensation.
 In nearly all attempt to get rid of the limiter , anabolic  help is considered , as  training  is really a catabolic  help.
 The  amount of hours  which are invested  this days in any sport, reach a level, where recovery  is getting lost  and therefor the anabolic reaction of recovery as  the most important step in progress  can't really naturally occure.
 In sports like endurance discipline the  amount of  hours  create  an incredible structural  basic  in  capillarisation and  mitochondria, ( and if training  does not help,  pharmaceutical  substances  will help , so does  utilization as we understand it,  is basically limitless. Therefor the limitation is not,  as in most of us,  muscular  and utilization, but it  is  delivery limiter  who create  now the endpoint  of  progress.
  Limiter, like the respiration,  where the  available maximal ventilation volume  is  far too low  to  keep CO2  balanced  and as  such H +  balanced.
 We have  hundreds  of  VE tests  from VO2  max test  , where we  see in cycling  max levels of 140n- 180 L VE. Same in runners  and somewhat higher in cross country skier.

 The actual utilization ability would demand a much higher VE and therefore the limitation would be respiration . We still have  the majority of coaches  out there who argue that  respiration is never a limitation. No real  proof  or justification but they  give that as  an "educated" accepted    statement.
 Perhaps EIAH  and  other  reaction could be  tracked back  to this kind of limitation but in depth  discussion  in coaching areas  are  rare  and small.

 The other limiter is the cardiac system.
 The  nearly bottom less  ability  to move blood in the extremely well trained  vascular  bed  is  so huge, that  in the majority of cases the cardiac out put has no chance to maintain BP ( Blood pressure )  for all the areas, asking  for O2  as they could  use it  to create energy.
 So the cardiac output is  an extreme limitation in  top endurance athletes  and it is easy to find this  limitation.
 Now  not as a critic  but as  a statement. Over  the last 10 - 15 years , when we asked in hundreds  of discussion coaches  and exercise physiologist  on how the  train cardiac output  or  respiration specifically we get  an answer as  we got in one  of our  discussions  here. We get thrown into our direction classical statements  like lactate tolerance  and  VO2  max  and Lactate threshold  workouts  and all what we  all discuss  and know , but we never get a  real answer  to  how  you train VE  without  pushing  your  muscular system. How  do we  train the right  cardiac  ventricle,   how  do you improve naturally DPG  production. How  do we  increase plasma volume  to help to create a better  cardiac output.
 Instead  many  top hired  exercise physiologists  seem to look for  substances  allowed or not allow  for plasma expansion like the scandal we  had in Finnish  cross country skiing , to epo   and micro dosage. All  help to reduce the limiter  we reach  form the cardiac system by improving  cardiac out put  of O2  transportation option.
 Even today  an accepted  and smarter  way is  proper  sport nutrition  and  trends we get every 15  years on NO  improvement  like L arginine,  Viagra  and beet juice  go in the same direction.
 So the simple question in my crazy  confusing  brain is:
 Why  do we  daily try to  talk  and discuss  with people that a live  bio feedback  from what ever it can be , we use NIRS  or  HR  or  RF  or CO2  direct feedback  could be used  and together we  can produce  ideas  to work on  real physiological  progress  so everybody can reach a  personal best,  which is  all what we  need , health person best and fun  and the idea of sport and activity is more than achieved.
 ?  True  I am a dreamer   and this is a loud  bad formulated  dream.
 Thanks  for reading so  far down  and any comment is appreciated.

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