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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
For all Canadian readers . FaCT- Canada will get the okay of the first shipment on Monday and we are ready to sent the  preorderd units out next week. We will contact everybody  with more info.
 This will create a flood of new users  now  with MOXY and we can share many more ideas  and new directions.
 At least what we see here in Canada and Europe, we will have many test centers offering for now VO2  testing and lactate adding MOXY to their data collection and for sure will give us on here or over mail critical feedback and great questions to the new direction we now will see exploding into the  performance as well as fitness world.
 The fact, that now  anybody can get a NIRS far below the next best options. ( 10'000 $  +  ) less will now make NIRS a common additional bio feedback tool with  great options to find individual intensities for your specific sport and workouts.
 You will see soon  personal coaches using NIRS to control your training intensity as well the " classical" step test will get a new critical look once we integrate NIRS. So all new users are very welcome to show up with ct critical questions.
 Now with the official  launch of MOXY we as well will give you information on seminars and work shops we will start to offer.
  On the last weekend in September we will have an initial starter intro workshop in California and will give you feedback from there as they come along.
 Stay tuned for many  more ideas and options now showing up as we start to go along.
 Due to the  big interest the first production series  are all sold out. So please if you are interested for Canada buyers contact or preorder over
 For all European preorders please contact
 and  for all other preorders go to this website  here.
Check prices in your country  as in Canadian $  and in euro and in USA $ as they vary due to exchange rates and customer and shipping costs.
Exiting times ahead with this  great step..
 Hurry up as there is a limited amount   in production for the moment.

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