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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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With the increase in interest , mails and orders  for MOXY we naturally have an increase in questions on comparison with other equipment. ( NIRS)
 We discussed the problem of Validation already in length, as well as comparisons. The international MOXY study group we started a while back had three clear  goals.
 1. Can we repeat and " compare " trends  of NIRS equipment. MOXY with one of our favorite equipments ( Portamon) Portamon from the  Company Artinis was the break through for us many many years back, as we had a top equipment to be used in the field. We really have most of the information's and  experience we have  with NI RS collected with  Portamon and in basically any tests we do with MOXY  we always run as well a Portamon.
 For top state of the ART facilities the Portamon  will be the flag  ship  but if  we combine  the Portamon with MOXY we actually now have a information we can use for anybody out there during workouts as it is live on your wrist watch. True  there is as well a big price difference between   clear above 10'000 $ to below 1'000 $.
 The beauty is that the knowledge we gained with Portamon no can be moved over to MOXY and as such we open the door for  basically any  smaller testing facility to offer the same  testing options like a big  expensive facility . You now can start out with HR and MOXY and increase as you go along your ability of  Bio marker assessments.
 If you have an existing test center and use VO2 testing you add a MOXY and you dramatically will enhance  answers to individual  peoples ability..
\ We will as well off a Service , where you will be able to sent your test data's and we will help you either once or  in a package of more test to see and learn the information's you can move over for your self or for your clients.
 EUK holding will  give you that information over a centrally located facility from Switzerland  and we will keep you informed on this as well any MOXY buyers will get the info with his equipment. 
2 . The second goal was to collect data's fro " classical' test (3 min step tests) and our change to a homeostasis disruption test HDT or what ever the groups will start to name it . The key was to see, whether the direct information we get instantly from NIRS shows the lag time we unfortunately had with classical equipments like  lactate and VO2  information.

3.Develop of the new protocol , offer a service and as well start to get  more information on how a NIRS picture may change and can be change with different training stimuli intervention. This is ongoing and with the new MOXY owners increasing daily we hope to keep a central data bank so we are able to  actually  understand, what kind of oxygenation deoxygenation stress will have  what kind of functional and structural reactions and out come  .

Here a very small snide view  from the incredible huge amount of data collection done by Next Level  Here  a nice example on the  2 clear  types of reactions we see in Ice hockey players but as well we saw many years back in endurance athletes.
 What confused us originally is now a  great standard information so we know now, what is the strength  from one athlete and what is  the strength form the other athlete. This is a nice feature for coaches in  team sport to know, wheter this  athlete one is  great for a double shift  or not or how long he can stay on the ice.
 In endurance sport we know now, whether this athlete can afford to   create some  sprints in between a race or not.   The information's are   getting super interesting .
 Pic  shows first our initially open question as we looked at O2  and HHb trend in combination with tHb and  TSI / SmO2 trends.
  Than the same interesting information we can gather with MOXY  are ion the  last 2  pics.

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