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New Moxy user and have been diligently reading forum to gain more understanding. Considering even purchasing a second Moxy to help with assessments and limiter identifications.  As I understand currently, a second Moxy on a non-priority muscle can very readily reveal cardiac output limitations through viewing changes in THB and signs of blood redistribution. Can a non priority Moxy assist in identifying pulmonary limitations as well? My initial thought would be that a systemic buildup of C02 would show increases in THB in nonpriority muscles, however, how would that be distinguished from just general CO increases? I haven't stumbled across any discussions about this situation within the forum so was reaching out to see if anyone has experience with this idea or the actual utility of a second Moxy outside of cardiac limited individuals. Thank you

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A second Moxy has a range of uses. E.g. symmetry of muscle.utilisation (left right etc). Moxys on two working muscles on same side can help assess /reveal insights muscular co-ordination etc.

On your cardiac vs pulmonary, the answers is in smo2 on the second moxy. A general cardiac increase vs a resporatory suplply issue would show up differently.

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I just got done with a look at deltoid placement(including data from this forum), and what information one can possibly obtain from it.

Of course, still in the realm of conjecture....
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