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anybody using here?

now Im using golden cheetach for analyzing data, but Im looking for something online - where athletes can send me data much better.

I can see Smo2 in scatter graph, but Thb? - i cant change ratio on Y axis. Is a solution for it? 


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I believe Training Peaks is working to fix this although I don't expect it to be a quick fix. I know Roger has spoken to them about this needed change.

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Training peaks works for me, I can change y axis to be tHB in scatter graph.

It is a good start, but honestly speaking there is not much value I'm getting from online training peaks analysis, maybe just to look at the big picture quickly. Free Garmin connect is much more useful for online smo2 interpretation.

Few training peaks drawbacks:

- You can't zoom
- having thb and Smo2 on single graph would be great, on separate graph is less useful.
- ability to change form scatter line graph would make it easier to read.
- Ability to add power, HR, cadence, elevations etc. would make it even more usefull.

Having said all that, WKO4 has all of the above, plus more, and at the moment I think it is the most sophisticated tool for Moxy analysis, with quite edge over Golden cheetah. (I'm huge fan of GC) 

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