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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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It is  important  to  understand, that we  use MOXY  in any sport and activity.
 So very often, when we  are  talking endurance  sports  we   get pushed  into the idea  that  everybody is a cyclist  or a runner.
This is not  as a negative statement  but as a reality  as   this sports  have  some very  big groups   who are attracted  to it.
 Now   I like to use  cycling as one extreme  situation from a positive point of view.
 Cycling  is one of the sport  with a huge advantage  in looking  at performance. We have  affordable; wattage   systems this  days  and therefor  have in cycling a  sport, where we have a very objective  tool to  look at performance  changes  over time.
 So  the idea    we use in cycling  for  zoning , despite  that it is a physical number  ( wattage)  and not a physiological feedback  make    for me  most  sense  from any  zoning ideas.
 In cycling FTP  assessment  over a  60 min  is a very great tool  to  get an objective feedback on performance.
 If  we now  pair this idea  with  MOXY or NIRS in general  we have  the  huge advantage  to use  wattage  as a guide  and physiological feedback like MOXY  as a daily adjustment on the  normally calculated  zoning's.
 What does that mean.
 When we  compared   Portamon  and  FTP many years back   we had a  clear idea  and looked  for confirmation.
 If    a  person  can sustain  any activity over  45  +  minute  so FTP  60 , than he has to be somehow in a balanced  situation in   energy delivery  and  utilization.
 So if this is the case , than  NIRS   information  or in MOXY  SmO2  or  HHb  or O2 Hb  have to be   more or less stable ( flat ) .
 If you go  above the FTP  power  you will see a  drop in SmO2  an the drop depends  on how much  above you  are. If you use  Portamon  or any other  NIRS  and you   use HHb  to guide  you will see  an increase in HHb  if you above  and  a drop if you are below  FTP  load. If you use O2 Hb  than  the trend is  like with  SmO2.  Now this is  when  we use SmO2  alone.
 If we  add tHb trend  than we  have some  earlier " warning signals", that we may  come  to an end  with  a  stable SmO2  and  we  may see a  drift in SmO2  downwards, despite the fact , that we  where pretty good over  a longer time.

 Below  a  60 min FTP load and if you look  at SmO2   we have the expected  reaction of a  initial  drop  due to muscle contraction followed by  an increase once we  had a perfect CO   an than an ongoing drop indicating a  reaction in blood flow in his  leg muscle , but  balanced  enough to maintain  the   SmO2 level..
 as usual a but.
 Remember that a stable  same  %  SmO2  does not  always mean, that we are in a   O2  balance  .
 If  we  actually have a lower tHb  than  at  the start or in the mid section  we may in fact actually be slightly in a  drift of a  lower oxygenation  despite a  stable  SmO2  %. That's' where we  need tHb.
 Why ?
 Here the  example courtesy  of the  cycling center from South Africa.

mark workout thb smo2.jpg 

 ,Now  what  can we get out  of the cycling world.?
 For  any other sport, where we  do not have wattage or where performance is hard  to get, like cross country skiing  and  running in the field  and so on, we  can use now  with a good feeling MOXY. A stable  SmO2  will give us a  feedback on intensity  and we  name it STEI  or what ever you like to  name it. meaning , that delivery   of O2  and   utilization are  nicely balanced. ( we may  already see a slightly  reaction of compensator. In the  picture the  drop in tHb  will create a  potential increase in HR  : Why ?
. The advantage now is, that we  have in sports , where we  do not have a  great guidance over  wattage the ability  to be guided  physiologically  with MOXY.
 On the other side  we  may have  to open up our minds in cycling  to accept, that  wattage is a great guidance, but if we like to stay in a   specific target  intensity  like a stable  SmO2  ,we may have to adjust  the wattage  to maintain a stable SmO2    otherwise we  " drift  or may drift out of this target intensity as we  try to hang on a fixed  physical number called wattage.
 Hope this make s some sense.

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