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Fascinating to  watch as usual  as a big fan  and  former  decathlete  myself.
 Most  fascinating is  to  listen to commentator  often  great former  athletes and the reason on  why  is going on.
There was  some nice   comments  but as well some problems  to explain the 5'000 m  run  from the commentator   from m. Farah
 Here the interesting  situation.  Classical  comment :  lactic  acid  will creep  up over the last 400 m  and  will slow them  down  and   so on.
 Now  the  last  800 m  time  form Farah   was 1.46 +- .   after  4.200m  run  to this stages  and  point.
 The winning gold medal time over  800 m  was  just  below 1.45  and  third  was  1.46  the  same time  as Farah .
 Now  classically  some problems  to explain. If  we us e some  o more     and newer  research  and we  add MOXY  as a  live picture into the   runs  than it  would look like :
  The 800 m  run is  starting    even with a great  "  warm up "  with a  sudden  fast  load  a  out of a  relative resting SmO2  values. depending on the warm up tHb  was low  or lower  and SmO2  may be  okay.
 The initial start  no matter what  intensity will create a delivery  problem  and SmO2  will drop  so will tHb. depending on  running efficiency  tHb  may recover  slightly   but  SmO2    may  simply  reach  if  lucky a  balance. Thanks  to lactate production  they can sustain the  distance easier  so lactate will help them  to go finish it off.
 Depending on the respiratory  ability  they  are  able  to balance  somewhat longer the H +  situation  and as  such will be  able  to sustain linger   an optimal efficient  run pattern before  switching  to   secondary   muscle pattern  to survive.
 Extremely nice example in the maintenance  of this  term  was  silver medalist  in the 800 m  for  women's  from Canada . look the final 100 m  and compare    first second  and third   running efficiency.

 Now in the men's  field  we have  5000 m  run. Farah's  first 1000 m  was a  3 min +-0   time  he was  really jogging at the end  and the second  10000 m  was slightly  faster  with 2.56. but still based on his  balance SmO2 intensity  this is  app. 70 m- 75  %  of his  ability  to run   with a higher  but not  deadly  utilization than delivery.
 The fact that  he was  " h jogging "  2 000 m  so  6  +- min  created  after  an initial  drop in SmO2  and  an initial  drop in tHb  a  great alarm phase , where he in fact   was able to   deliver  more O2  than    he needed  so SmO2  was for sure  very high so full tank  as well as  time enough to  create a ready  delivery system  from the cardiac  output  as well as  form the respiratory  system  for intake  of O2  and out put  of CO2  as well optimal  vasodilatation  for   the vascular system.
 So in fact he was much better prepared  for the 8-00 m   in his race  at the end than the 800 m runners  who started  out relative  from a  resting  HR  a  resting respiratory  system  perhaps a decent vasodilatation  and  an okay SmO2  level.

 The  fact , that  lactate is not  an enemy  help  as well in the last 800 m  as he  was  able  to deliver  optimal  O2  gr get rid  of  decent  CO  and even in case   as you  could see in the last 100 m  when he really attacked  he was  not breathing that hard  so  CO2  up  O2  disscurve shift to the right  and therefor optimal utilization  of O2. You  than as well had  an optimal vasodilatation  due to the high CO2  paired  with a very high CO  and the  chance of  a  venous occlusion most likely minimal  or not  even existing.
 So the race  w really  would look  with a NIRS print out  like the picture  below .

 3000 m  Alarm phase  with SmO2  and tHb  increase.  followed  by 1000 m  balanced  situation  and a homeostasis   disruption over the last   section of the race  so  with a  perfect preparation. In this case  the race  was perfect  for  this runner  with  high running efficiency  and great  coordination. so super fats    end run  with  classically  STF  fibers  compared to 800 m runners  with " classically " FTF  fibers   but the  same time ????
 What  does  that  tell  us.
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