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In the light of power meter news for 2019. Moxy marketing idea: How about reaching out to Sky and showing them how to pace with Moxy. Sky is quite high tech, and they like new technologies.

I’m not sure to what extent pros are using power meters for pacing, but Moxy could easily fill that gap, they would have to start training with it this season, to get a fell how to use it later.


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Because of my professional experience having worked with the Spanish triathlon team during a short time period and getting to know high performance center coaches, there is a general problem and that is that coaches are very suspicious of technology (with motives) and simply they They believe that their training method is the best and nothing else. This is so unfortunately, they do not want to introduce new things because if they do that, it is as if they question their training and their work. For that reason the high level is so difficult, in high level cycling I can not speak because I come from the world of triathlon but now I am entering to work with some semi-professional teams of cycling and I see the same thing. It costs a lot to enter and it takes a long time

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