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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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There  are some basic guidelines  based on physiological reactions as well based on statistical information.
Here   the  2 most common questions  on what intensity do I start a  TIP  and what step increase for 1 load.

Cycling   ( wattage trainer test :
 You, in most cases , have some information  form your client. If  not , make a  a day before  or  1 -2 hours before a short  simple load assessment  just using wattage.

 Here  if you have some information.
  a) Take the  wattage your client can  maintain  5 - 10 min long  without  killing himself , but very hard.
 Example. 1
 300 watt:  Now you take  30 % of this " max "  load.
 This is your start wattage =  100 watt. There is a physiological reason behind ,we can  once discuss later. For the moment  just take the number.
 So  start load  100 watt. most likley  end load  in a TIP 300 watt +-
 The   watt   range is 200 watt ) 300 - 100 = 200 )
  This  load  you divide   by 4   =  200 /4  = 50  this is your step increase.
Result  100 watt./ 150 watt /200/ 250  /300 /  +  possibly a start to  the next 350 This  will give you  5  +-  steps.
 The first 2  are below  the statistical 50 %  VO2   information or  below the 50 %  " max  Watt.
 This will allow enough time  22 minutes  for   physiological reactions like  CO , VE  and vascular  reactions  to  take place to  react and adapt to load. This way we  get a lot of information on this  systems  as well as on recovery.
 Remember , we not look at load alone,  we look as well on reactions  as we deload  and reload, as this  gives us  a hint on how the systems work, when there is no activity involved.  Delivery versus  utilization reactions  in this stage of the  assessment.  Example  2.  15 - 10 min load is  200 watt.
 So   possible endload  200 watt.
  30 %   = +- 70 watt. Start watt 70  , Wattage range  130 / 4 = 30 + watt step increase.
  Protocol 70/100/130/160/190/ 210

 If you work  with FTP  you use  FTP  as the  guide.
  FTP   60  to be  specific.. If you sue  FTP  20  than follow A. Hunters  recalculation  for an estimated FTP60 value
 So FTP  60  is 210 Watts.
  This  value  divide  with 2  = 105.
 Take  a straight number if your wattage only adjusts  by 10 wattage.
 Now  105  is start wattage.  Range to FTP  =  105  / 2  is step increase.
  So  protocol will be.
  100/ 150/200/250/300
   Next up  I will show the  "cook book "  for running.
 If we have speed skater  please  email me  as well  when we have cross country  skiers  or  rowers.  Over time we will show   " cook books "  for TIP in many different sports.
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