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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Thanks  for  this feed backs  . Ruud,  your  workout  ( billat ) looks interesting,  One of the key  information in there would be the change in  muscle contraction quality. To see that we need the csv ,  file  and look at  in each load  closer    what tHb is doing. Compression always   or    compression and  start of venous occlusion and than finally   perhaps  even a  venous occlusion towards  a  arterial occlusion.
.  I showed some time back the  same idea  for endurance   workout in specific  ice hockey i endurance  and some may recall , that we had one player  who easy could  do that over  45 min plus  and the second player had to  quiet very early on.
 reason where. Player one  was able to avoid  occlusion trends ( blood  out  flow restrictions )    and the second not  at all.
  Simple  explanation. If we  load    short enough    so that we only drop SmO2  perfect but  not run into a  SmO2   ( utilization limitation  due to delivery  and or  due  to  limitation of  O2  turnarounds, than I  can  basically go  for a very long time. We know that since    1/ 2  century .
Intervall versions.jpg
  Now that's where the practical application of  MOXY will come in:
 1. What is the goal of the interval? What stimulus  you like to create.
Once you have your  goal set   now you can  watch live on your computer  screen during your interval workout, whether you  every time you load  set this  target stimulation.
 In other words. The target is not set by wattage    or time  but  by actual reaction from your  physiological responds.  This does NOT mean you not can take wattage  and time as a guide line  but you may adjust the time or the wattage accordingly to your reaction.

Example: You like to reach a  venous occlusion (outflow restriction ) as your physiological target  stimulation. Now  you load  for 1 min  350 watt as planned on wattage but you see, that  after the one minute you still did not reached  an outflow restriction so you keep going till you see it.
 Next load  you adjust  either the time  for a longer interval or you increase  the load to reach your  outflow restriction in the 1 min target time. After 5  loads  you can see, that you already reach  outflow restriction after 30 seconds  so you  either start to reduce time  and or load if you plan more reps  or you simply  end the workout. Over time. If you like a fixed  amount of repeats  than that's  is  how you do it . If you use  physiological feed backs  MOXY will tell it  to you.  


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