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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
I like this type of studies backed up by  accepted institution.
 It reminds me, when FaCT-Canada introduced the lactate Pro to north america.
 It took years till  people started to accept the fact , that it worked and still works and now even saves daily lives in  and around the world.
 Here a great example how people  start doing studies. If the where searching n this forum or over the last 10 plus years than they got some ideas on  where we  work. Here and  enjoy the last sentence of the study  from 2013. If you look on the  work our friends in Norway ( Hallvard ) showing on here you wonder as well.  What is great is, that more and more people start to look at the incredible options and we most likely;y will see in 5 - 10 years this as a very common and easy way to use for testing but even more important  for practical use  in the field from anybody looking at intensities. Why are we not yet seeing that.
 Well having 2 Portamon , as used in this study   to buy for a workout will limit the  numbers of people as you ski around with a close to 25 '000 $ equipment. Now with MOXY there is a breakthrough for  everybody as you can get 25 Moxie's and have a moxy on every single muscle you may look for.
 Smile not needed but possible.
 You can get one as the trend is similar but as you can see in sports like rowing , cross country skiing and  whole boy activity to have 2 as a test center is of a lot of advantages as you an see the individual reactions of the SmO2  from  upper to lower body. We have some incredible data's  where we see how some people actually " shift " blood  from one  are to another  and some  do not do that at all. There are very specific people who  follow this reactions and it will give additional=. info's on there muscular  situation ( key word is vascularization)
 By combining Portamon and MOXY in bigger centers you will actually ge5t this answers  easy and incredible clear.
 Remember MOXY tests SmO2 Portamon TSI  Have fun to read and it is nice to have this papers coming out, as it always backs up some of our claims we show here and it will stop mails I get daily, with the question on where are the papers , where are the studies, why is there no publication. 
As usual we will discuss on here open and free ideas we test with and without succes, mistakes we make and there are many but once in a while we hit some interesting directions, which  just may work.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Okay here just a nice feedback. The above study explains that this is a first. Here  a picture from a  many years back real first, where the physiological testing with NIRS and  noninvasive cardio assessment was long done by one of our readers here. Marcel and a self made  great guy ( Duncan  from Abu Dhabi ) who run a full physiological assessment on the street in roller skiing. Pic one shows live info from cardiac and  NIRS during the ski from a car behind the athlete.
 Pic 2 shows the athlete  with his portable lab equipment in his back pack  and the other toys. Marcel thanks for the great pictures.
 Marcel has a wonderfull fun to read blog

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Back from  Santa Ana workshop.
 Integration and application of Spiro Tiger and MOXY.
 Mary Ann Kelly  the dietitian of the desert offered a very nice workshop to the  most likely  bets and  nicest indoor climbing gym in Nortamerica.
 A very  great group of instructor had some very great questions and not just in theory but impressed us as well with a very athletic presentation.
 They had fun to learn  read and understand how MOXY will be a part of future workout programs and really eagerly tried them out . The climbing community will be one of many gyms and  organizations, who will add MOXY to their  real  live  bio feedback tools. Here a fun shot, where Sarah  just  checks a short moment her oxygenation in her forearm during a difficult climb.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Where did we mounted  the MOXY.
 Look carefully on the pics here.
 You will see coaches now looking at this info as they have their client workout. So we actually have really a physiological information on how many sets how long and what recovery time depending on your goal setting.
The  new version will be as well so , that we can see tHb and SmO2 on a screen  including HR  and wattage i n cycling   . Enjoy this incredible climbing pictures.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Can you imagine   to work in a small group of friends or in a cycling center.
 You have all the great information we are used to get.
 Power ( wattage) HR . RPM, even left and right pedal pressure and so on.
 Now what is missing ???
  Think  that you just bought a car. You know the PS you can go the RPM you can turn, The GPS who informs you where you are.
 BUT ???
 You do not know how much  " energy " this all requires,. so you have the open question on, whether you actually will reach the target.
  Now how about the latest in physiological feed backs.
 You can see the info,  how you use your available and delivered main energy source  ( OXYGEN)
 Yes there is now the program available  or just before release.  Here the connection.
 A smart brain with a vision and a great small device MOXY who delivers the feedback.
 Now you have an optimal individual feedback, You can relate power ( Wattage ) like your FTP to a physiological information set of HR , RF and SmO2 . Now you can understand, why HR alone , SmO2 alone, RF alone   and wattage alone are fun tools but often can confuse use. Questions like .
 Why can I not increase my HR today.
 Why to a breath so much faster, by the same  FTP.
 Why can I not maintain my FTP over more than 15 min today.
 Why  do I have a very high SmO2 but I feel I can't go harder anymore .
 Why do I have a high lactate value but feel great ? Why do I have a high SmO2  and a  high lactate value and can't push  my 80 % FTP ??

Yes you now can get answers and you understand,  how to push the same physiological intensity by different wattage , or why the same wattage may create a very different physiological reaction ( feeling )
 Time is getting to be fun on a bike.
 You start training with brain and  information  and you improve your individual performance and  feedback with a huge step forward.
 Stay tuned as  time is now flying .
 Winter season is upon us an you will be able to dramatically change the way we look  at training intensities and ideas.
 Many many great discussions will start up and many great feedback start to   get mail in with us.
 For starters and critical users.  MOXY  and EUK offer  from this month on a service for feedback and interpretations help  as people start using  MOXY and NIRS now  in many different countries.
 for service information on NIRS workouts and interpretation of NIRS  data  you may add to your VO2 max tests or your wingate test or you may even try our own protocol  Check or conect with.
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Got a set of mails in with the simple but true question.
 How does this looks  practically.
 Well you have the above software and you have a test like FTP or what ever test you made, who gave you a wattage "zoning" or HR Zoning " you may work with.
 Now you " warm up " like usual.
 The goal of warming g up  are different but one part you look for is to increase blood flow to the muscles you may use in the  planned workout.
So you have your screen in front with your  slow increasing wattage information and you  see your HR as well.
 NEW you actually see now as well tHb  from MOXY  as an indication of increase in blood flow in the tested  muscle.
 An increase in tHb will indicate an increase in  blood volume.
 Now you will see, that it takes a certain amount of time  and a certain wattage level to actually see this tHb increase .
 In many cases we see, that warm up intensities may be to fast to high and you never see an increase in tHb
 1. tHb will help you to " calibrate " you muscle to the highest possible blood flow before you start working out.
 During a workout like an interval you can see, whether you actually may supercompensate and increase tHb even further.
  2. With the increase in tHb  and a proper intensity your workout you should as well see an increase in oxygenation due to the fact , that you deliver more O2 than you need in this intensity.
 Same here you " calibrate " your oxygen level to a  stable individual level so you can always start with the same tank of oxygen for each workout you like to do.
 Similar as you calibrate your compu trainer or wattage trainer.
 Below you see pics from the screen and where yous see SmO2 and tHb as well  a small example of a warm up situation with increase in SmO2. The SmO2 is an example  ( white in the back ground of a trend starting with low intensity to  all out intensity  The white line shows our protocol ideas and the  average over top in green.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Yes is the answer to 4 mails I got today after we showed some of the  latest in software, where you will be able to use MOXY.

The YES is for. Yes if we like to make progress in physiological testing and move forward , we may have to accept, that a stationary bike or a treadmill may be okay for two sports. for a cyclist and a runner.
 Than thats' it.
 The fact that hundreds of ice hockey player are tested on a stationary bike would at least allow for the question.
 Why do we not test a cyclist on a skate treadmill for his VO2 max and than  make the program based on that test ?
Why do we not test a runner in a 50 m pool and make his VO2 max recommendation  from that.?

 I showed this  picture many times before Dal Monte 1967 Tehran sport congress and VO2  Make your own explanation on that.
 What is the reason for this " being stuck " in the lab idea.
  Here what we like to throw out for discussion and challenge.
 Testing in your activity level . Hockey player on the ice.
 Cardiac person , who like to  shovel the snow   in the snow during shoveling and so on. I  hope you get the picture.
 If not here some  pictures.

 Next level Brian Kozak and his team pushing  as it looks the next level. Testing on the ice or if off the ice find a test form you get as close as possible.
 first pic is an on an off ice test same athlete . Look at mainly SmO2 levels in load and recovery.
 Than look  the ice hockey player on a bike Test.
 How do you believe the O2 use is  for an ice hockey player on the ice and on a bike,. Perhaps Dal Monte's great VO2   study  may give us the answer.
 On ice testing with MOXY  easy simple and every athlete can do it so  you can test basically as many athletes as you can organize on the ice all at the same time sport specific and with ease.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
We are on the last day in our second MOXY seminar.
 The first one was with students from the University of British Columbia  Kelowna Okanagan campus and we had   far above 100 hours of work together and lot's of fun and  many many  still open questions.
 This second one now were students  from Switzerland,
 The goal. Integration of MOXY into the PE lessons in high school  for different options like endurance  ideas, interval and strength workouts.
 One of the first parts we had to discuss is, as we do here, the reason why , when we start to use moxy in assessments ( testing ) the need to re- view " classical "test protocols, is needed.
 In this point we did, as we did in the MOXY study group,  first classical tests, followed by  changed classical test and finally our  physiological protocol.
 The did some very great work and  we have some great pictures to show you the difference between the information we "produce" or force upon us, when doing " classical " testing versus the  intermittent info when doing changed " classical " testing and the final optimal info , when doing physiological appropriate  protocol ls for assessments. You will be the judge and I just give a very subjective opinion to the pictures.

Than the third seminar will start tomorrow, where I have  some  alpine ski coaches here and one is the head coach of  one of the most success full  youth development programs, who like to integrate  MOXY on the  skis in training and intensity control during technical and interval workouts on skis.  We have developed an initial testing options and see, how that will show up on the snow. So a sudden very intense  dialog is arriving and we soon will be in trouble with  having not enough people  helping us to  teach and learn and  try out  all this new ventures and options.( we  may start in Canada a section of learning how to use MOXY. and we combine it with Europe and E.U.K in Switzerland.  Now here to see  for you as picture  talk 1000 words. 
Pic  1 is a  classical 3 min test. You can see  why in " science" we will try to find any kind of a "slope" or Threshold or what ever angle we like to add to this  curve ( similar like we did unsuccessfully in lactate ) and than make a formula or statistical information.
 Pic 2 is a  gentle altered  " classical test and it has some better info on physiological trends.
 Pic 3 is  MOXY IPAHR and you have a very clear  physiological picture of O2 trend.
 Why are the picture so  funny.
 Well  we had to show the Swiss students,  why a   above 10'000 $ NIRS equipment , which is  the  ultimate great portable equipment  now can be used for the person on the street   my using the new MOXY .
 Try to figure out , which  trace is MOXY and which trace is NIRS and you can see, why we are so happy having now MOXY for you as an athlete but as well for centers a an additional integration into classical testing  with some minor adjustments on the information.

 Last pic is a sample  of the IPAHR assessmnt with Zoning suggestion. This is the easiest individual assessment you now can do on your own, when using your Garmin HR monitor  combined with a MOXY device. . You can do it  in front of you house eon a flat road or on a treadmill or where ever you feel comfortable even up a hill. Courtesy E.U.K Switzerland

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Answer yes. Here the original picture  from the data collection with NIRS ( Portamon and MOXY . We actually had Portamon fixed on the right vastus lateralis  half in between SIAS and the lat on the  proximal part on fibula head ( ITB att.) The moxy on the other leg same anatomical position.
  Fixation with a  elastic tape 3 m ( stretch)and a black cover up with  black tight shorts. Both Moxy and Portamon where in a small plastic  bag to protect light sources and receiver.
 Here the  graph from Portamon  in black background and Moxy in white.
Pic 1 and 2  step tests.
 Pic 3 and 4  IPAHR

The  abr. on the right side in the SmO2  graph ( green  with the different color is the set up of the 3 - 4  intensity zones ( TIP ( training intensity profile) you can identify by looking at the SmO2 trend. The reaction of the tHb will help to further get information on possible limitation and or compensation , when you pair the info with cardiac / respiratory and muscular information.
 For a basic c use like we use 220 - age as a formula , or  Max HR  and % or VO2 max and % or Lactate balance point  and - 20 or so on, the  nice idea now with MOXY is that you not create any formula or speculation, you simply see the trend and have the individual reaction.

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