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You all  know    when  we have these  days, good  and less optimal.
 The last few  days    where exceptionally  fun.
 We had  an incredible  set  of feed backs  form areas, we never  would have expected  that  fats  and that clear in supporting  further  development of  our  ideas  and  offering some  great  accepted  platforms.

The never expected  interested  from some  super critical  groups  and the  openness  to start using  different options  to look   further into the  level of  bio marker  observations  and integration.
 We  can not  get you all the information's,  but  over the next  few month  Andri  may  get into  some more  feed backs  as well as we   may have some great opportunities  to show  you  many more  cases  and experiments  we did  over many years  , which now will be  repeated  in one or the other way  from accepted  groups  and institutions.
 The  feedback  is loud  and clear.
 Sport specific ,physiological assessment versus  researched based  lab interest. A  cyclist is assessed on a bike , a  rower on a  rowing erg or  boat, a tennis player on a tennis court. A  figure skater on the ice  during  an event  or  real  event like  trading  and  so on.

 Strength workouts  are based on  physiological stimulation paired  with some     load feedback  and interval sessions  are based on  physiological goal setting  and therefore   the  actual discipline  paired with live feedback on  load duration  recovery in between loads  and so on.

This  type  of feedback is a great motivator  for  all of us interested in  moving  forward  and adding new technology  critical  but  with an  openness  to  our tool set.
  The  same  happens here on our  small but very involved  regular readers on this messy  forum.
 The level of  feed backs  increased  incredible on my mail box  and  nicer even on here. The loud  thinking  in what ever direction we go is  great  and  we  create many great  more  questions  and  once in a while hopefully some usable  answers  or  better  new  directions.
  I like to  re use a great  mail I got  from Leslie Shooter  PH. D in exercise  physiology  and a  member of the  Red bull   science ideas as well a former Scientist the Olympic  training  center in Boulder and ow   in Utah. I met Leslie  during an invitation I  enjoyed in the Red Bull  training center in Santa Monica. Leslie  was  one  of the many great brains  there with that incredible great feeling of  positive  critical  questions to  motivate   possible answers  I often  did not had  but   a great motivation  to  dig deeper.  Here  for people  like to read  the full article.


The practice of science at the edge of knowledge.

Grinnell, Frederick

Chronicle of Higher Education;; 3/24/2000, Vol. 46 Issue 29, pB11-­

Postmodernism;; Science -­-­ Philosophy;; Theory of knowledge

The writer describes the postmodern view of science and the way in

which science should be taught.


Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson)



IN RECENT DECADES, postmodernists and sociologists of science have argued that science is just

one of many human activities with social and political aims-­-­comparable to, say, religion or art. They

have questioned the objectivity of science, and whether it has any unique ability to find the truth. Not

surprisingly, such claims have evoked a negative response from proponents of the traditional view of

science;; the debate between the two sides has been called the science wars. In the debate, scientists

have made few attempts to meet the postmodern critique on its own grounds, through serious reflection

on the everyday practice of science. Yet that is the only way to understand the nature of science and

the features that distinguish science from other activities.

The behavior of baseball umpires helps define the issues. There are three types of umpires. The first

type says: "I call balls and strikes as they are." The second says: "I call them as I see them." And the

third says: "What I call them is what they become."

What distinguishes the types of umpires is not the situations in which they find themselves, but the

attitudes that they bring to their work. As a result of those attitudes, they practice umpiring differently.

The first type claims truth;; the second, perspective;; and the third, power.

Philosophers might identify the umpires' different claims as realism, contextualism, and social

constructivism. Realism corresponds to the traditional view of science that links reality directly to

observation. Contextualism suggests that how one looks at things will determine, to some extent, what

one sees. Social constructivism corresponds to the postmodern view, linking reality with power. To

determine which view most accurately reflects what scientists do, let us consider the two central

features of scientific practice: discovery and credibility.

Discovery begins within the context of prevailing scientific beliefs. At the same time, the goals of

discovery assume that previous knowledge is incomplete or wrong. Discovery takes place at the edge

of knowledge, an ambiguous place where no one has been before. At the edge, one must make risky

choices and address hard questions: What should be done first? How does one recognize data,

especially when one is searching for something never seen before? And when experimental results do

not meet one's expectations, is it because one's original idea was wrong, or because the methods used

to test the idea were wrong? Scientists have a saying: Don't give up a good idea just because the data

don't fit.

With this in mind  we  move  forward  on what we like most, having  fun being here and  enjoy  our freedom  compared  to what ever goes on in this  world.
 What we  do here is minuscule  to what we  should  do  and  of little  effect in the bigger  picture  of  life. Let  us all always keep this in mind  when we  try to debate  with each other.  THnaks  so much  for  all the great   support  in all directions.
 My biggest  positive  critics  are  my own kids    so when ever I get over board , Andri  or  Martina  or Flurin  will very easy direct  and fast slow the old  man  down. There is no holding back  in their  critic.

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