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Juerg Feldmann

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By now the regular reader may have the concept of IPAHD somewhat closer in the mind.
 We would start with a My PAHD. It is my opportunity to assess My  physiological reaction at the  current situation by using a MOXY combined with an objective performance value like watt or speed or steps.
This created out graph of a myphad.
 See pic below.
 Now the problem here is the same as  when we take lactate  See in the picture lac moxy inversion.
 We will see in the future many  formulas and graphs and deflection and mathematical ideas coming out like we had in the  beginning of lactate 30 years back. Tangents against an imaginary   lactate curve and so on.
 The slightly difference her is that we have nonstop information and not only every  3 min like we had in lactate.
 Nevertheless, even if we have  with MOXY a direct information what is going on  in the muscle t some other system  like for example respiration  and gas exchange CO2  will not react  so fast to see immediately the reaction on  oxygenation and deoxygenation.
 So we  still have the question where is the change in the systems.
 Again the question , wheter when assessing circulatory and respiratory and metabolic  information a 3 min step test simple forces results upon us, which may not reflect real physiological reaction time.
 So  that's why we look at   UrPAHD in the IPAHD system
 See pic 2 a UrPAHD test and now you can see   much better the different " intensity levels you may choose for certain  goals you may try to achieve in trainings.
Try to find the different " intensities you would use ???
 Now this is only the info, when we use SmO2 . If you add in the same idea of 5/1/5  respiratory information and cardiac information you will see even better at what intensity we   still can achieve homeostasis after a disruption and where we  can't do that anymore. Will show later the impact of the 5/1/5 on many other results due to the time we have now.
 Why 5/1/5 
 Here  a source, where people have it much easier to accept


Oxygen uptake during the first minutes of heavy muscular exercise

1.   Per-Olof Åstrand1 and

2.   Bengt Saltin1

+ Author Affiliations

1.    1Department of Physiology, Kungliga Gymnastiska Centralinstitutet, Stockholm, Sweden


Oxygen uptake, heart rate, pulmonary ventilation, and blood lactic acid were studied in five subjects performing maximal work on a bicycle ergometer. After a 10-min warming up period work loads were varied so that exhaustion terminated exercise after about 2—8 min. Peak oxygen uptake and heart rate were practically identical (sd 3.1% and 3 beats/minute, respectively) in the experiments. The heavier the work was and the shorter the work time the higher became the pulmonary ventilation. There was a more rapid increase in the functions studied when the heaviest work loads were performed. It is concluded that aerobic capacity can be measured in a work test of from a few up to about 8 min duration, severity of work determining the actual work time necessary. Duration of work in studies of circulation and respiration during submaximal work should exceed 5 min. "


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