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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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First  of all, thanks  for the many emails asking whether I gave up the forum discussions as many  seems to  use some of our ideas  from the forum  .
No we did not  stopped the forum. It was juts me having to regroup  and rethink many great discussions  I  had the fortune to enjoy during our week in San Diego  at the ACSM  .
 So we will be back with many  great feed backs and critical ideas.
 I like  as  so often give some thoughts  on what  my  personal biased experience  is  or was  after over 20 years of  visiting a  meeting, where  an incredible amount of Brain power is   available..
 It is  as well  really interesting to see, how  ideas  and  directions  can get influenced  by individual names  but as well by  new directions.

First  what has changed.
a) the   20 years back situation, where ACSM is the  temple  and the gospel we  hear there is what is  the truth  and only that is the truth has very extremely changed.
 There is  very little  truth anymore available as we have a much more open debate now on  all different directions in  sport  science.
 Anything is now  much more open discussed.
 Nobody really  defends anymore with all force the idea of VO2  max testing as the golden standard.
 People actually in most presentations as well as in nearly all of the hundreds of posters  avoid  using VO2  max and replace it with VO2 peak tested  .

20  plus years ago lactate threshold was the real truth  and now there was  actually one single poster in  hundreds of postures  , who  tried  to somehow  justify the existence of a LT  and it was interestingly enough a German presentation.
 In a personal discussion with the great person behind the poster , the discussion  very fast showed, that he  himself  had some major problems to defend  what he  had  on the posture as  conclusions.

Many many poster  started  to look at energy demand and  delivery  and as such  there was  an incredible increase in studies presented, where NIRS is used.
 Great ideas and great questions where presented  and the clear indication in many of the presentations  was.
 We are  just at the start of a new  direction in   physiological bio feedback ideas.
 The expo showed how the technology is moving ahead  no matter, whether  the scientific  world  is able to follow this fast pace.
 This changed the whole dynamic in the EXPO itself.
 I never  had so many people  stopping by a booth  and actually asking questions and would stay  a long time   at the booth.
 We had  great people  from  great universities  visiting MOXY  and where ready to come back and  would discuss  and look at the ideas over  30  plus minutes  up to 1 hour.
 We had  people bringing in  files  from  test they do  for studies  and asked  for interpretations.  .
Nirs won the fun competition in  T. shirts  for noninvasive  ideas.

acsm photo.jpg
 Another huge change is  sport specificity. There  is very little discussion anymore.  but  nearly all agree, that a VO2  " max " test on a  game sport athletes is  of minimal to any value  other than data collection for a presentation.
 The idea  to assess on the field during a race and using the same equipment  for assessment and for training control  is the future.
 Main problem is for  many still  on how to apply it. Many struggle  with the  fact, that  old ideas may have to  be reviewed  and justification for classical principles  may have to be rewritten.
 Ideas  like how to justify  cool down or warm up, ideas like tolerance training and whether anaerobic  is really anaerobe, ideas like periodisation based on weeks  and month and days versus  periodisation based on physiological reactions.

 Much more to talk about  but to  come to an  end here.
 One of the  last presentations  form a key not  speaker  was  an incredible great  reminder on what we  often forget.
 In  very very short words. what he tried to get over to the many people.

:If  you do NOT know the history  you will repeat  many great studies  to find the same  information all over again  and you as well will repeat the same mistakes  we  all did  and still do  since generations.
 He has  some great examples  from studies  done in the  1920 - 30    which are  forgotten  and are repeated now all over again. Some use the same  ideas  and   repeat the same   mistakes  and some use newer ideas  to find the same outcome.His  final  conclusion really was  to avoid  trying to justify  what we use as a common  idea when applying new technology into the  world  and  let the new  technology critically open questions  we need to ask us  n our old ideas.

 The  most impressive situations  I had, when talking to some of the older generation, the big brains in sport science, which now do not need anymore to defend themselves . They all agree, that there  has to be a much more openness to new directions and that the classical concepts  have to be reviewed including many they set up.
. So the  outcome is that  many of the great brains  tell us, that they  do now  accept that they do not know a lot anymore.
 The scary part on the other side is  that many young   " researcher"  and  let's name them   "kids'    seem to know  everything and defend  hat they just  learned.  and have  minimal  information on the history on what they try to learn.
 Hmmm reminds me  on myself , when looking back and in the mirror.
 As longer I  work  in this field  as less  do I really know but as more interesting questions  we can ask.
 Looking 30 - 40 years back  and I had all the answers..It was easy I had  all the knowledge, I had  all the  proper answer  and now  I have very few answers  ,but many  many  more questions.
  As  such  we will be back on the forum  asking more  questions  and having limited  ideas or answers  but rather new directions..
 I am looking forward to the next few month and years  in the explosion  of more practical applications.
 As well  I look forward  to the ongoing discussion on physiological  reactions versus physical performance.
 So  stay tuned  as I try to show up again  regular on here.
 If  I am somewhere behind in trying to give a feedback on  ideas please remind  me  and I will try to pick  up where I left.

 Last but not least , Thanks  to Jiri  for his incredible great poster  and presentation in San Diego.
 Jiri Dostal  is the most likely most advanced  NIRS user and has a data collection  in the over  1000 range  and  had the first real big data presentation on the ASCM.
 See pic.

acsm  2  jiri.jpg 



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Here is a  .pdf of Jiri's poster presentation.

pdf Poster Moxy.pdf    


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Nice discussion and presentation. I don't know if you used it for your analysis, but time series clustering is a technique which you can use for this type of data
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