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Juerg Feldmann

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Here some additional thoughts.
1. You can have a Limiter and a compensator in the view of systemic  situation.
 Example. You may have a respiratory limitation like COPD  and your right ventricle of your heart will have to work much harder  and as such will be for a while a compensator.. Many people with cardiac problems I see in my office started out with some respiratory limitation  and end up with a problem of the compensator due to years off overloading the compensator.
 They than get treated for this problem and    we often overlook the original reason of the problem.
 Same happens in sport , where we have a limiter but are not aware of  and have some great compensation ability and finally  overload the compensator,.
 It is the old Greek wisdom of materialism.
" The unseen real and the  unreal seen."
 The key in assessments is not to jump to a conclusion what you see, but rather look at what you may not see.

 IN the example of respiration.
 The "classical" idea of many equipments is to  look at VE  and a sudden increase. We name this VT ( or ventilatory threshold.
 Than to make live easy we name it as well lactate threshold or anaerobic threshold and all the problems are solved. We see something unreal and we miss the unseen real.
 In some cases VT could be  close to a limitation and we than can give it any kind of threshold name what ever you like.
 This is the case, when respiration is the limiter. Now we would have at the same are a  drop in tHb  ( metaboreflex see att 2. )  as well a change in some of the respiratory parameters like TV and RF.
 On the other side  if respiration is a compensator , than we have as well a  change in linear results of VE and as such  we may have a change in  RF and TV.
  An increase in VE due to an  increase in RF and TV is one of the nice  signs of a  great respiratory system compensating for   what ever limiter kicked in  at that time. O2 delivery or  O2  converting limitation. So in your clients case  we  have to see, what the respiratory system may  or may not do.

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