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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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One of the  comments I am getting lately is a comment  I get since over  30 years by now.
 It started out far before    we had in Northamerica  the idea of wattage as the ultimate way of objective repeatable  information.
1. I do not    argue against this as it is absolutely true.
 But first I like to correct a small information gab  we have on this website.
 The wattage  idea on the market.
  We worked  with wattage  ideas  now  already  over 40 years back. The equipment was just slightly  more complex. See pic.
 So who would use this  today when we look how technology  has improved.
 Nevertheless  we still use  VO2  max from this time  see pic  2

Okay lets' move the antic " classical" to the side  and look how incredible a NIRS  assessment can  show the reaction of our body as a physiological system,
 This are  2 loads  with  equal wattage  at a recovered  stage.
 Sent to us  from Slovenia ( Thanks
  Than yous see a full workout  combined  with classical  idea of stable wattage  and    connected to NIRS.  The circle is a  section in the warm up with three all out sprints.
 Than followed by an interval workout with  fixed wattage.
  and fixed recovery.
 Once you are getting familiar  with MOXY you will be able to read a lot of information's out of the physiological  behavior in an athlete  . If you look at wattage only  you do not know what  he may had to adjust to complete the interval.
Here some  ideas on what you look.
  Yellow here is tHb  and  green is SmO2  trend  or   Hb Diff  in portamon.

 You look on   de-loading and reloading levels.
   as one important part on this  type of a workout.
  Than you decide  after that, whether you actually created a stimuli   and one you may have tried to reach or whether you  simply accomplished a    big load of   interval sections with  a very small metabolic stimulation and or overload.

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