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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Any person traveling the world will have had some experience in this field.
 It is the difference between a " franchise  system, where the owner is doing what he  or she suppose to do. % min cooking of the hamburger, 2.3 cm big hole in the donut. 4 gr of protein in your smoothie. and we can go on for ever.
 You really are not able to cook  but your are able to read and follow the instructions.
  Than you have the great  Swiss bakery or the  French small restaurants  in a small village.  The pride of the owners is to have a great  own product with a very individual flair on what you get , unique  and  personal and done with  professional  ability.
 What has this to do with what we discuss here.
 I believe everything as  rehabilitation and health and sport and  performance is based on the  professional ability of the coach and the integration of the athlete to develop  a personalized approach  with training  and  performance by using the athletes own physiological feedback to understand  why and how I plan or =design a workout.

 So here  what I mean with this.
 We discuss here now since a while the future ability  to do exactly that. Abandon an idea of % calculation based on a VO2 max  idea. Forget 220 - age calculation for zoning. Discuss the  interesting idea, that 2 and 4 mmol lactate  tested on a finger may even  be close to any decent information on metabolic reactions in different people.

 MOXY, HR, RF,  SV, LVET and all the  bio markers we now can use  and test live noninvasive will allow us to become a "Chef" versus a cook book user.
 Over the following month and possibly years we will try to involved you regular readers into this great opportunity.
 Again why   do I discuss this here.
  Well if you look on the MOXY main page blogs we have a great reason to  open a discussion.
  KILLER workout.
  It is pain full to read through this  Cook books.
 @ reasons.
 a) that it is on this website  ( Smile )

b) that a few years back I design the same brainless  workouts  because they killed the people.
  So lets go step by step and evolve this " Killer" workouts or  no pain no gain workouts  to  no brain no gain workouts.


For all these bike trainer workouts, start with a warm-up of gentle spinning lasting for 10 to 15 minutes and end with a 7- to 10-minute cool down.

Question : what is the goal of a warm up.?
 How do I individually  control, whether I achieve this goals.?

Some questions:
 - Do you like to have the highest or most blood volume in your target  muscles you plan to use  for the  following workout.?
- Do  you like to pre fatigue first  another physiological system as it may be the compensator other wise ( Example respiratory system )
 Do you like to just deoxygenate or do you like to have a hypoxy section in the interval you plan.
 Do you like to fully re-oxygenate, or not or may be you like to  have a PLOI ( Post load oxygenation intensity )  . With the cook book you have no clue at all what you target nor what you achieved nor do we understand, why one person made huge progress  and the other person with exactly the same cook book actually may get worse.

 To answer and plan all the above we introduce MOXY.

 So great , to see this  Blog to show, where we really go in a very very different directions.
 Where I can absolutely agree is the   hours n a trainer watching a move or listen to muscles.
 Workouts are controlled by the CG ( Central Governor ) and as such a  workout, where we listen and  use bio feed backs  has a much better effect and result , that the  very fun and  entertaining expensive video workouts, where you just look for the killer feeling .  Below  is  a practical idea on t some questions we just ask Load duration.  intensity  recovery intensity
Here  the whole story in a  simple picture.
  Pic  2 is a  small inside view in possible  one of the goal we may have besides others with " warming  up.
 And Pic three shows you  how MOXY can tell us whether we achieved the blood distribution part or not. The scary part is, when MOXY suddenly shows us, that what we sell since years may be not true . How terrible ? No way we can  do that . What if stretching suddenly  does not do what it suppose to do ?? and so on.  Pic  3  :
 Yellow is tHb  ( indirect info on Blood volume )
 Green is SmO2  ( MOXY ) and purple is Portamon Hb Diff

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Okay here more in the  Killer ideas.

. Speed Intervals

Start with four sets of one-minute, fast intervals in an easy gear at the highest possible cadence, ensuring you keep your perceived rate of exertion (RPE) at 5, and recover for two minutes between each interval. After the final set, extend your recovery time to five minutes. Next, carry out 10 to 12 intervals of 30 seconds, sitting or standing, at RPE 9 to 9.5. Recover for 30 seconds between each. Over time, you can make the second half of the workout harder by increasing the intervals until you reach 20 in total.


 The following pictures show you 4  different reactions  after 30 seconds all out workouts. We  may have to expect 4 different  adaptations ( physiological reactions despite the same ) cook book ) workout. Now you apply  the ideas from the previous post and you can see, how you can work in a group all together but  the timing of load , and recovery may have to be very different if we try to apply the same physiological stimmuli to the workout.
 So what is  "seen is unreal and what is unseen  is real"

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