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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Working since over 30 years in the field of closing the gap between science and practical application, it will be interesting for me to see how a great  new step in physiological training control equipment can be introduced into the "old man" group of in the past stuck coaching ideas, myth and egos.
Unfortunately , if I look at this forum  you can see what I see since 30 years. High enthusiastic start See postings here in Sept. , than  one or the other add on posting from people  who feel that this is the next big thing , but really  have the  problem to see how the application can replace or better  enhance common used  physiological  equipment and combine it with objective performance.
This here is not a critic on what is going on here, but a clear straight forward eye opener, as when ideas  or dreams  are coming up , than there has to be a clear vision on where to go with it.
We have a set of nice graphs in this forum , but if we ask  hard and critical : What do you do with them besides having a nice looking graph , than what is your or our answer ???

There is not one single  clear practical info  yet on here which would be needed to try at least to open a discussion with classical parameter using coaches and athletes.
 There is an overall  big confusion here on what SmO2 represent besides  the definition of % of O2Hb to tHb.
 We even have examples here from printouts using SmO2 to argue , that you can see on SmO2  an occlusion.
As long we have this kind of discussion  we will create a mild smile by any random reader who tries to get a closer idea on what MOXY resp. NIRS can do as practical application.

Step on  Closing the gap between science and practical application is one of the top priority and this only can be done by looking at the latest development in science and  not at the current existing myth of getting ride of lactic acid and a reduce SmO2  will be an indication of  lactate threshold . To move forward there has to be an open and hard discussion though this field.
 The philosophy has to turn into physiology. . In summary : I am sure many people at inter bike  in las Vegas but as well randomly readers on here are intrigued form the technology but for sure from the price of the device.  They buy it and now what ???
 Have a great weekend and I will shut up now on here, as the traffic  on the forum seem to have died out. There is as it looks once in a while a  post from people , who got for free  a device to try out and than get stuck in the question : So what now ?
 There will be an initial run from dealers looking for distributor ship and as so often we will see , that equipments like that  need education and introduction and can't be sold easy over Internet or store shelve. The NIRS time will come , but we may be a coaching generation ahead of the game. Can we speed it up ?? possibly ?
 how ? by an open hard discussing group rather than cooking in a secret cellar. Cheers Juerg
 Thanks for all the people  contributing in the past on here as it was a great fun reading to see, where and what  is going on.

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