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Here's a spreadsheet and a video to show how to add THB calculations to a Moxy data file.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here for the " advanced" thinker.
tHb or total hemoglobin ( correct would be / tHb and tMB ) or even better
 HHb plus O2Hb + O2Mb + HMb = tHb
 We can't unfortunately yet separate  Hb and Mb from each other and the same for HHb and HMb.
Now  in certain situations the tHb as explained above will be used to explain blood volume in the tested area.
 Under certain situation tHb trend is increasing that means blood volume is increasing . Same  if tHb drops  most likely blood volume drops.
Now why is this very exiting ?
Metabo reflexes  fro example.
 A limitation in the ability of the respiratory system will create a feedback loop  and the bodies "survival " reaction is to protect the more vital system ( respiration ) and he will " give " up optimal Os supply to the working muscles . ( Breathless legs / Boutellier and Spengler )
 How : by creating a  vasoconstriction and reduce blood volume to the working muscle.
 tHb will help us together with  information from the VO2 test to extract the info, whether the respiration may have caused the drop in tHb.
How : Not by using VO2 info but rather by using  VE and RF information ( VE /RF = TV (
 than we can  combine this info with the trend in tHb but as well with the SmO2. SmO2 will have a very different trend , when respiration is the limiter , versus  the compensator.
 Here a short hint "
 Hey Andri not you give the answer just yet ha ha )
 Hint . O2 Diss curve due to respiration create a specific reaction in SmO2 respectively in O2 HBO and HHb.
 Now combine this info as a team game , who creates what reaction and who will compensate and how and when and how long ?

Have fun as we will all together move slowly but surely to a very very different idea of  using performance combined with bio marker to actually train people. Cheers Juerg
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Here in pictures the idea why we love to have tHb in the  data collection
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Okay here for the brain gymnasts.
 Read :

Relationship Between Hbdiff and SmO2



Now this would mean in simple terms When tHb ( Blood volume) goes up  we have an increase in O2 Hb + HHb ????

 Next : when O2Hb goes up and HHb stays the same or goes down  we could expect that TSI % or SmO2 would go up ????
 Now you give the info here in this three pictures.
1. you see  green top is TSI % and red O2 Hb , blue HHb and as expected TSI %  goes up as tHb ( O2Hb + HHb goes up

2. Look this  TSI % drops but as before pict 1 O2Hb goes up  and HHb flat or slightly down so tHb up as well but opposite TSI % ?????

Now for all the fun part.
What about the version TSI % goes up but O2Hb and tHb drops

Remember the basic research principle :
 When the facts proof the theory wrong the theory has to change not the fact is adjusted !!!
 Any answer here will be fun to read

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