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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
I like to thank MOXY and its team to allow me to use one of their prototype MOXY sensores over the last few weeks.. This allowed me to work on one of my dreams, to actually design  based on physiological assessments an individual workout  plan and recovery plan.
 I work on this idea since now over 30 years and as in many  big puzzles you try to complete , very often  one single puzzle slows you down or makes you thinking.
 MOXY  was one of this missing important pieces to close the big picture of an ongoing puzzle to see, where we can go and how the full picture  may look in the future.

 MOXY as one of the first affordable  equipment to really test  locally  with the most direct info we can get at the current time for coaches working and training on their own to coach athletes. teams working together on a dream, to  medical professionals and patient teams working on health and prevention , till up to top class testing centers, who can use  top and expensive equipment to assess, but at the  end of the day can give their client an affordable bio marker, like HR monitors  combined with MOXY ,  to really control the  physiological load  and compared with their performance.
Moxy allows all of that including the ability in  the future to test yourself at home, cheap and no need to pay big money for a test somewhere and you can, knowing your personal protocol ,use numbers or trends to than achieve your optimal control of your physiological intensity.
 All is here now and I will  start publishing  assessment  options,  interpretation  ideas as well as on the go intensity ideas  for different workouts. I start  to  give this information here, as MOXY was the needed puzzle to go to this next step  so thanks again.
  We may  be able to find a way to  use this forum as well as we will launch soon a you tube  as well as  many discussion options on different forums  and if the demand is here start an own information website  for this specific ideas.
 Please enjoy the PP or word idea attached so you can get familiar with the overall picture.
  We will have a first international gathering with coaches in Switzerland in May and hope to updated you on the progress which will be long and slow as we all still learn on the go. Have fun as the future looks bright.
 As an improtant note here now.
 MOXY does not compare with the SmO2 to otehr existing NIRS equipment who look for  TSI % or otehr numbers for Oxygen saturation.
 MOXY gives you a perfect information on the oxygenation trend and status during an assessmetn and or workout.
  It cresats with its unique own calculations some numbers which is  their own numkber but uses the accepted  assessmnt of O2Hb and HHb.
 The result is something I cal in our workshops in the future

OBT Oxygen Balance Trend Have fun and enjoy the Upahd intro

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Not a lot of discussion and interest here on this Forum unfortunately.
 Surprising for me, as NIRS and combinations of NIRS with any current acceptable equipment of performance assessments.
NIRS and with it MOXY  may in fact replace current obsolete ideas like  lactate thresholds and lactate values, but as well will enhance current VO2 ideas as we than  do not use % ( percent) for intensity or zones. As I had the luck to  get a MOXY to use and test and compare NIRS values I use since  many many years I decided to thank one more here by showing a small  info start  on a Education session we start in europe in May on applying NIRS into the practical world of coaching.
 This is the intro fun part and it is the summary in fun words to the introduction of practical applications  and understanding of NIRS trend in active motion , assessments and workouts.
We have a very intense discussion going on since many years  with out of the box thinking people  all over the world and we are now ready to role in spring with using this ideas in real practical applications.
 I hope for MOXY that the discussion may take off in North America soon and I will  peak in here once in a while what is going on. For now we move the discussion over to europe again  in German French and Italian and some  nice groups from the northern part of europe like Norway , Finland and Sweden.
Enjoy the colour as NIRS is very colourful.

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