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Hi Jeurg, i am relatively new to this forum and Moxy. I want to give sincere thanks to your willingness to teach me and others here with your posts. I don't have much previous knowledge of physiology but am learning so much from you and really enjoy the case studies trying to think through what is happening. I am sure many others feel the same.

Thank you to all other contributors that are prepared to share their ideas which i learn from too.

I don't have a moxy yet, but i hope to be able to buy one in the future.

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Thanks  so much  for this nice feedback.  First   not as a correction but  really  as a   true  feedback.
 We  all have no clue  about  physiology  we   learn as we  go  and the biggest challenge is  to  try to avoid  to be educated  as  Andri  told  me once. Education is the ability  to repeat  what the teacher  likes that you repeat. In this  way  I  hope I can make this forum a  unique  place  where we all  learn together  with a positive critical  attitude and without  the   EGO  we all have ( including me ) to try to " defend " what we  always  do. The ideas here really is  to  try  NIRS/ MOXY  and be critical on what we look for  but as well   use the same critical attitude  towards  what we  all do or  did. No matter., whether there  are hundreds  of  studies  and Ph d. papers  out there  arguing  that  there is a VO2  max  or  arguing that  there is a lactate threshold.
 The   fast  development of  incredible new  technology  often creates a    space  between classical  schooling  and  actual  user  out in the field.
 I  believe  ( you see  believe  which is  dangerous ) that many of the  latest   equipment create  this    situation. we  now  can see  live certain things who  simply do not fit into the  believes  or education we  all have  or learn. I am  from the generation where wattage   power meters  just got  developed , HR  monitors  where an incredible step forward  and  point of care lactate open the world. Nevertheless we  may hopefully make progress and  in this  way that is what we do on here. We make  lot's of mistakes  , possibly more  mistakes  than  answers  but  the key is that we  ask  our self  on whether  what we see    is in contradiction with what we learned.
 So please  any time    use  your  ideas  ask on here or  email me  as so many do  and I  will try if  I  can do give  sometimes  back  something smart often  okay  and    as well sometimes  really bad.
 But  every time  I  do not  have a great question back or a decent thought on a  question   that stimulates  me  to dig deeper  in  so many great information's we  get  form so many smart  brains.
 Again  thanks  for visiting  my  messy   forum information  and please correct or  ask  for  better clarification.
 Cheers Juerg
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