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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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The  interesting part in exercise physiology  or in testing  by centers  and coaches  is, what we all learned in school. In a test you can fail, so you come either prepared  or you call in " sick"
  What we  do with MOXY is not at all a test, it is a physiological assessment  at a given  time     without any specific preparation to create  an "artificial" test result.
 We use physiological assessment  to seem, why we  have  a certain  result or a certain performance.  as well we us e an assessment to see, whether we  need a recovery   phase or  whether we  can change to load accordingly to the assessment.
 The beauty really would be  to  have an assessment every  time  you go  for a workout or  even in a race.
 With MOXY we can do that easy  fast  and have immediate  feedback.
 No failure just real  information, why on a certain day the performance was very different than expected.
As well it is the direct feedback to be used in combination with  performance lie  wattage, weights we lift , resp  we  do and so on,.
 So  really the future  may  be very different. We  may not test at all in the lab  but may in fact start to test  certainly in game sports the athletes  in the field during a game  and than  assess and see, whether the performance demand in the game is very different than the performance load  we  may offer in a workout.
. The workout  may be super hard  but may in fact not even close  cover the physiological needs  of the specific sport  we    may do.
 So here a nice example  form Basket ball from a Swiss information ( Courtesy  A. Feldmann Swinco )   this is a simple assessment  and based on this we  can see, whether  a training idea  is challenging metabolically close the   demand we see in the game situation.

andri thb  smo2  all.jpg

As so often this looks confusing if you are not used  to the picture  as of yet.
 Green is metabolic demand  SmO2  trend  and brown is  delivery situation ( blood volume flow )
 So  here the next  explanation to what    was done.
Andri example.jpg

Not to go into  too much details  here  how you   take the information apart.
1. Look metabolic trend   alone SmO2
andri fast overall viw  smo2.jpg 
than look delivery    alone

 Than you can start  playing with polynominal to have a very easy fast overview  on the trend on metabolic demand and  delivery ability.

andri pol;y  smo2  thb.jpg 
And than you can go for a closer look, where  physiologically  the trends  start to show a very different reaction, than what you would  expect. Here  a  short  closer view. Go back and  see, whether you find, where we  took that snap shot andri  third  load   occlsuion trend.jpg 
andri thb  ovr all.jpg

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