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I'm trying to lock in some details for a 5-1 running test on a treadmill, I've searched the forums and while I've found lots of good information I did not see anything detailing how you choose the pace for each stage of the 5-1 testing?

I already do performance testing in terms of 10km & half marathon time trials, so want to do this one on a treadmill so the pace is accurate (1% incline and a fan on the runner).

I was thinking about using the 10k pace as one of the stages near the end, aiming to get 2 or 3 higher than it perhaps?

Then I was unsure where to start but found one piece of advice stating going up in 15 second intervals.

So for a runner with a 40min 10k time, the test would look like this:


Do you think that would work? are there any ways in which improvements could be recommended? 

I'm not sure if it starts slow enough?

For the 1 minute rest periods, I have read that straddling the treadmill and holding the rails effects the tHb results, is this the best way to do it or are there other ways? 

Device placement on VL for primary and Delt for non primary muscles/involvement.

Many thanks


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Hi iank

I would suggest you download the moxy cycling e-book rather than the running one as that has some suggested percentages. Use your 10km pace as your threshold pace and base your percentages off that. It all partly depends on whether you are trying to get your zones or find your limiters. If you are trying to find your limiters you may not need as many steps and you can use the ebook percentages. If you are trying to find your zones then smaller increments will help.
You basically have no choice but to straddle or step off the treadmill. Just try not to land to heavily so that your leg muscles do not contract too hard and cause an occlusion.


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Hi Craig

Apologies I forgot to check back for replies!

Many thanks for the input, I have downloaded the cycling ebook and will give it a look.

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