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Just today I found out BSX insight quits their services. For the past year I have used their product to test clients that train at my gym. I sport with people that are recovering from a burn-out, to help them get back to work. I used their SmO2 value to set hearth rate zones to train in. 

Until now my setup was:

Daum Ergo bike 8i

BSX insight sensor

Wahoo HR chest strap


I got 2 different CSV files, 1 from the bike —> RPM and Watt and 1 file from BSX —> HR and SmO2. By combining these I could calculate the zones for my clients to exercise and monitor their progress. Because I start both the cycling program and the BSX test at the same time I can sync both files.


Since BSX only works in the cloud, and all services are down I need to replace at least the BSX part. I am wondering what would be the best setup with the bike I have now (Daum Electronics Ergo_bike 8i). Is it possible to connect this bike with a Moxy monitor? Or is it possible to connect both the bike and the moxy monitor with another device (preferably a Mac). 


My ideal situation would be to have a bike and a Moxy monitor and a HR sensor all connected to one device (iMac?). I just need a CSV file from the result with these 5 values: Time, Watt, RPM, HR, Smo2. Real live monitoring would be nice as well, but is not a must.


I have just been playing with golden cheetah software, that seems to be fine for what I want to do.


I hope someone can help me to find a good setup.






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Hi Bart,

Golden Cheetah will collect Moxy data and HR data (ANT+).  I think it can also get your cadence if you have an ANT+ cadence sensor.

A lot of people use PerfPro or PeriPedal for applications like this.  Both can export the data as a .csv file.  Both can collect Moxy, HR, Power, and cadence data from ANT+ Sensors.  Both of these are PC only though.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Ergo bike can broadcast over ANT+ so you would still need to combine .CSV files.

You could also use a Garmin or a Wahoo Elemnt to collect the Moxy and HR data.  It saves the file in a .FIT format, but I have some spreadsheets that can covert that to a .csv with a macro.

We're still doing the BSX trade-in program if you would be interested in that.

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