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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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A very more and more frequent question.
 Where can I get this bio markers tested.
 There are  different centers now opening or are already open in different parts of the world. In Europe we just had an  introduction seminar on the ideas and there are  different regions now starting with this concepts or at least with using the different "Toys" to enhance their assassinating ability to find more individual  intensities for their Clients.
 Here a short summary of the  handout and seminar Content  from the  European Seminar. It was a part of the Spiro tiger competency center yearly meeting as well. For the European regular readers here in German and and than a  short version in English as well. Switzerland is just in the process to open not just a test center but as well a schooling center for  this ideas, including some additional  exiting new tools and directions.  We for sure will  come back  later to put all together but there is only so much time we have.

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