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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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I like to give on this topic some answers, which now get more and more towards my  email.
 Yes there are center doing  exactly plus better what we discuss. One of the top centers in your area on the east coast of the USA and a center, which contributes an incredible amount of information and  critical feed backs is this here.
 It is a  Complete up to-date and out of the Box  test center with all what you can get on classical testing plus all what we try to   add with the latest  technology.. Here it may be worthwhile a short peaking in. 
This a short inside view into Spiro Tiger  ideas as well.
 Answer, Yes you can buy Spiro Tiger directly in the states over the above connections and there is an outlet of this group in  or on the west coast as well.
 Second  answer.
 No  you can't get that  combination of  assessment tools anywhere in northamerica  and  no not even in a University setup.
Reason. There is a   small numbers of Beta version  MOXY's out there and when ever somebody tells you they have one MOXY ( Roger)   would know it and therefor Andri the  Specialist and leader from the MOXY study group.
 Summary . For  IPAHD ( we   will change this name as it is getting popular and it was  an internal name only under the study group, but now with test center opening  in different countries we  will change the name and as such  avoid conflict with a bigger " IPAHD" organization.
 If you have any idea or suggestion you would name this combination of assessment, well you can give us some ideas  and some thoughts.
 If you  are interested to open  or add  some of our ideas to your existing center, than please mail to MOXY on this website or to
 In Europe there is now a group  who opens a test and education center  in Switzerland  and different options exist in that  area of the world.
 In northamerica we will combine with Europe and we have  2 big groups running already the full assessment.
 Clint as you see above as well as Brian Kozak from next level Brian is omnipresent in Canada for any team sport but as well  fro individual assessment. Different private sport schools run his programs and ideas as well he has an acceleration center  here in the north.
 He runs MOXY and all the toys  in many directions with many test information moving into our direction for  research and new idea development.

One of the biggest question is  always data collection from this many different tools.
 This is now  established as well and we have  the next 3 weeks a  internal Seminar on the Beta version of data collection for all the different centers so we have a common info channel.
 The Swiss education and test and research center is here in Canada and  there will be many  long hours to get all the different latest software running and connection going.
 We will update on here, when and how you can get a  course or workshop or introduction in the MOXY use as well the different levels you can start out or add on to your already great and efficient running  company or coaching  business.
 How can we do that. Well  we will use the same technology as we  now use for Spiro Tiger  ( It is called Mirror and basically is a Skye like idea but with a replay option so if an athlete is doing a Spiro workout   we can see it  live or as a replay here and can correct the same as we would be there. Same will be for  "IPAHD " testing with MOXY and other options  so we can help live to establish a  great test  system and improve  test results.
 So different options to get started  or keep going depending  just on your needs and ideas  on where you like to go.
 Will be fun to see all coming now fast together and will allow us to see  weak areas and  information so we can improve further  all together.
  On this note , I will start to show  test and ask question on what you may see and what it could mean and we can discuss them  trhough and see what is missing and what is  getting better.

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