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As usual Ruud and Daniele for the great feedback.
 Absolutely agree  but as well I like to show you  that it can be done  with juts  NIRS.  I like as well to show you how  before NIRS VO2  could be used  to find limiter or compensator  just much more  complicate   to do this in real outside set ups.
 This is more a  question of  coaching than data interpretation so I will sent you private  some example   for this specific  questions as there are no cook books but clear examples.
 I  do not like to make this forum a  coaching idea forum but like to stick  with what it suppose to  do. Learn to make NIRS interpretation.  You may eb a part of  our  small high school  group. Haha   so  be ready  for parents / teacher  meetings  on how you behave.
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