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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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With Tennis getting more and more popular in Canada  I  have this  coaches  asking    on the practical  aplication  of MOXY in Tennis.
 Well the most successful country  last year in Tennis ( winner of the  Davis  cup)  and    the most players  (  sorry besides Spain  ) in the top ten, is looking   with some outside  the box thinking coaches  in that   for a  while.
 Here a very    small inside  view  in a   TIP  or RIP  tennis style  developed from the coaches  very  sport specific  . Now  with the 20 second rule  we have  somewhat a forced  time schedule  at least  when it comes  to the recovery in between  . Here  an overall picture  from a   SmO2 trend   form upper and lower body  during a  tennis  assessment.

smo2  arm  and leg all.jpg    And below  the tHb  trend
tHb  arm  and leg all.jpg   The assessment is  super  sport specific  an   will give a real tennis   performance  limitation , versus the "classical" idea of testing a tennis player on a  stationary bike to find a  VO2  max???
 How many  cyclists  will be ready to be tested  on a tennis court  to have a VO2  max  tested in tennis  , when they really are cyclists.
 So  why would a  tennis player    be interested In a VO2  comparison  with a  cyclist  and be tested  for his  sport   on a bike.
 Any reasonable  idea  is  welcome.

Courtesy  SWINCO    Andri

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