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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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One of the  problems n individual swimming  workouts  was the lack of physiological test devices to quantify bio markers in the water.  True Swimming USA is one of FaCT- Canada's biggest lactate strip users in sport and as such there  is or was an ability to have some inside view in metabolic trends and reactions. Nevertheless we know about the limitations. Than  we had a system called Hosand, where we can see HR  information from the swimmers live.
 The limitation of HR is well documented since many years and certainly in swim workouts , where 50 and 100 m interval ideas are a part of the training we know , that HR is only of limiting optimal information.
 Now we have MOXY and as such we can now   make the same assessments we  have n cycling n a bike, in running on a track , in  ice hockey on an ice rink and in swimming now in the pool. The moxy can  memorize the  information and you  simply design a pacing program for speed  like we did in the late 1980  and you have time  and  distance for accurate speed and speed for pacing . Than you have the IPAHR idea and you can calculate to make it easier on  distance, where you may swim around 5  +- min. in the different speeds to plan to swim.
 Than you   download the info together with your HR and speed and you have  your individual information on oxygenation and or deoxygenation. You can actually att. the  moxy ( 20 on different key muscles for swimming and we will have to gather some data's' in the  closer future with Swim coaches to see, where we get the best trend information in.. Stay tuned for the first swim data's showing up n here hopefully  end of this week.
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