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Juerg Feldmann

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First of all, Thanks so much for the load of mails I got in the last  few days.
 I am feeling honored to get some mails from sources and places I never would have expected and I absolutely can understand , than some  do not wish to have their name and institution mentioned on our discussion forum as we are absolutely right a very non science  discussion forum. We have  here info and when we take it from sources it is clear to name them if they are available  anyway over the Internet.
 We  as well  never use names of athletes and people  contribution to our data collection with the exception, that the person likes to identify  him or herself with an answer on this forum.
So here  the open discussion  we started.
 How do we use MOXY and again what  and how can it be put into practical application. ?
 1. It is still a work in progress and we for sure over the next few years wills see many many great options on how we move many of the great studies we  show here and are out there can be used to show how it works in real field  tests and in practical applications..
 We will ( Brian Kozak ) from Next level ) test this options next week with  over 170 kids. It  will be our  to date biggest challenge for equipment  but as well for interpretation. We strongly believe , that after the week MOXY will be an integrated part in school sport and team sports  for  objective assessments not just of performance as an inter individual comparisons but much more important as a information base line on where the limitations are for that  individual performance and how and where we have to work on to improve this individual; performance so it can  go back and compete inter individual again and we  than see, whether the physiological changes we  created or achieved with the specific training really change the performance to the next  higher level and what is now the potential limitation/
 I will try the impossible task here to make  a very very short summary on the concept we  have now.
 The  task is, whether I am able to  put in very simple words a very complex and great physiological system.

Let's try.
1. Baseline:

The body's reason the end a performance is controlled over feedback loops from the central are to the periphery and back.
 There is no such thing like a VO2 absolute max but just a VO2 max tested  in that particular moment of the test.
 There is no such thing like a anaerobe situation but a situation , where the performance is maintain by O2 independent energy supply.
 The most extreme de- oxygenation takes place in short  high intensity task and  NOT in longer type of assessments.
 This creates the discussion, that in longer tests 5 min and longer the end of a performance is not created by :" anaerobic "  situation , but because of other feedback loops  in both directions.
 Endurance assessment do not need to go all out , as  we do not look for  a maximal VO2  rather than a path on why we can't reach a  high VO2 end result.

Short term high intensity assessment will show the " aerobic" deoxygenation ability much better , as well the  possibility of the athlete to sustain for a moment  O2 independent energy production or , whether the feedback loop to the CG does not allow  him or her to even try to go hypoxic out of different reasons.
 I like to show this in pictures  and you can see what I mean.
 Pic one is an endurance assessment with what we call TIP ( training intensity profile ) based on the trend in deoxygenation. SmO2 is used for this information.
 An increase in most cases ( exception apply ) of SmO2 is an indicator, that the O2 supply  is higher than the O2 demand.
 A flat section after an incline is an indicator, that the O2  supply and the O2 demand are in a current balance. This balance can be on different levels.
 This means a drop in SmO2 after this highest level does not mean, that the O2 supply is lower than the demand for ever. It means that the sudden change in activity asked for a short moment for a higher O2 demand which  was bigger than the current supply and we may drop the  total SmO2 level but after a decent amount of time ( Slow VO2 component  which may have a duration of 2 - 4  minuets and even longer in higher intensities, we may be able to go back into a balanced O2 intake and output., we even can see  after an initial higher O2 demand, which is taken from Hb and Mb locally  and the demand is after that smaller  than the supply a re-oxygenation to a  higher level.
 One we hit an intensity , where O2 demand outstrips the O2 supply we will see a steady drop of SmO2  till some feedback loops will  terminate the performance (Fatigue ).
 This can happened with still a very high % of SmO2  and this we term the  end of the O2 bio availability.
 We will  discuss this later on how I can produce this level with different manipulations  in a very low intensity already.

 So our protocol 5/1/5 or if you prefer for the moment  a 5 min steps test will create the information we look for to see, what system at what stage will need the support of other systems ( Limiter and compensator )
Here the pic 1.
Now  for 3 readers , who are far ahead of any discussion we start here I lie  to add  an additional picture I promised and you can very easy see, what  the reason of the end of this clients test was.

 Now after we found intensity for  planning endurance type of workouts we than move to the second  information or into the red zone HHI of the IPAHD
 as you can see the SmO2  at the end of the test reached levels of about 45 %.
 Is that the lowest this person can go.
 As discussed the limitation of the deoxygenation is not based on the VO2 max.
 If   this person could deoxygenate further the VO2 max test would be higher.
 Remember. VO2max = CO x (a-v) O2 difference.
 The CO stands for cardiac output and is the result of HR x SV ( SV = Stroke volume )
 The (a-v) O2 difference  is in simple words the  level we can deoxygenate from the start point to the end point. A lower SmO2 will indicate a bigger a- v O2 difference.
 even though there are many groups out there arguing , that we cant influence this number, we in contrary can easy show that in practical live presentations, that there is no problem to change this values. Same as we very easy can show how we can manipulate SpO2 values on your finger, even though many critics dispute that even after practical demonstrations.

Changes in a- v difference are very strong  connected with the O2 diss curve.
 High accumulation of CO2  , lower pH, high accumulation of H + and  a specific  hormone 2.3DPG clearly influence the affinity ( stickiness) of the O2 in our  body.

Even  though there are  still more people out there arguing that respiration  is never a limitation, the practical  numbers and experiments we show in our presentation  in any case  silences  even the  most  critics with surprise..
 So in the above case, if we load faster an harder, so  other systems can't interfer as much on deoxygenation we may see in most athletes, that they can de-oxygenate much further down , than in a VO2 max test or any other all out tests.
 Form this point the famous Wingate test may in fact show higher VO2 max values than a 12 min VO2 max step test.
 The so called anaerobic power information may in fact be a great  way to show aerobic power information first.
 Here  out  in the field test version for many sports . See the SmO2 values drop much further. Again for the  few progressive reader some more information where you can see very clearly that in the high intensity the reason of terminating the load was of a very different origin.
 Last but not least a great picture from T. Noakes on  compassion of Wingate, Step test and occlusion  with NIRS.

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