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Attached is my latest set of data from yesterday.  The watch lost connection with the Monitor about half-way through the ride.  I tried reconnecting by pressing the power switch on the watch (not sure if that's the proper protocol) but it wouldn't connect.  I didn't want to stop, otherwise I would have tried power cycling the Monitor too.

When I got back the Monitor was still powered on but it seemed to be acting a little weird.  It would blink 3-4 times, then pause for 5s or so, then blink 3-4 times.  Not sure what to make of that.

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Larry Flessland

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I took the sensor apart and inspected it.  The problem with the sensor is that the switch was not working correctly - it would go on and off intermittently.  The same thing happened with another user.  It also appeared that quite a bit of moisture had entered into the sensor which may have caused an early failure to the switch.  We are looking into ways to seal the sensor better.

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