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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Just  got of the phone and will have another  coming up with a Basket ball coach  from the USA   from a bigger group.
 The question was :
 Can you explain in a very simple way  the incredible wealth of information we have on this forum now.
 Will try.
 Here  a very short  summary of  the philosophy in pictures. It is a part of a presentation we did for a very forward thinking group  a few month  back  down in California.
 Here a short part of it an than after the next call I will try to  use an IPAHD and make a summary , where all this   studies we  go through take part in the use  in practical applications.
 Here the philosophy in short. Run it as a PP as it is easier to get in your Brain the words going.

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
This supports a part of the great feedback sent to us on getting familiar with MOXY  by Marcel L  from the UK.
 This is a IPAHD  and red is HR  , Green is SmO2.
  In many of the studies we showed  one of the task was to create an occlusion to  calculate VO2. This may be fun  for  academic reasons. As an athlete and as a coach you may look more the overall reactions, than a  body part , where you cut of the  blood supply with an occlusion to calculate   some O2    trends.
 Look at here  so you see, where we go with this idea.
 We as usual believe in activities we have to  look the overall  body systems.
 This is one of the reasons  we do and IPAHD   load   rest  repeater the same load  to see, how the body reacts  to the same challenge.. Is it less : stress full the second time , the same  respond  or is the respond  different that the body the second time arroi8nd actually   feels more " stressed"
. How does he recovers  in a short moment.
 ' So try to see that picture.
 We load and use O2  for every system.
 We stop  suddenly so the working muscles  do not ask for more O2  but the delivery system   may   be slightly behind so still delivering the  same amount of O2.
 What will happen with SmO2.
 Than we load again  and see a drop in O2  due to the short inflicted  delivery   problem. Than we stop again so a short moment an " over-delivery " or  an under utilization. what ever side you like to look.
 Same  with delivery problem or over utilization.
 Now   if  at the same time you  measure VO2. ( think on the delay of that answer or the need to make long enough steps. than we have a trend  where  SmO2  may go up and VO2  may go down or SmO2 goes up and VO2  goes up. Now you have the difference between muscle activity plus Cardiac and respiratory O2  needs  and no muscle activity and  still Cardiac and respiratory needs of O2.
 So what does this tells us ?
 Now  the top labs  can use physio flow and see the MVO2  ( the  myocardial O2 use  and now you have only one open question and 2  from three  answered and you have the needs of O2  for the respiratory system.
 Look at the PP and go through this thoughts on your own.

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Last but not least as a respond to Marcel's great feedback. here an overview on how the MOXY info can look like and to each options  from the 9  we list here we now have  after many years of searching an actual  physiological reason, what  can cause this specific picture of the  MOXTY trends.
 For each of the graphs we  found practical ways  on how to produce or what do we have to do on activities to get this picture going.  Have fun for the weekend.

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