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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here  an other myPAHD. Try to practice your skills , design a UrPAHD look at clear trends of SmO2 or here on Hb difference ( purple ). compare as well the tHb Yellow. Red = O2Hb and blue is HHb.
 Remember look at trends not just overall but as well in one single step. This will help you to make your decision very easy.
 You aim for 3 to 4 steps for 5/1/5 Step one in an area where you think  SmO2 ( Hb diff ) is possibly  increasing, than in an intensity , where you think SmO2 may balance  than third in an area, where you see SmO2 dropping but " with hesitation and than where you see a clear massive drop of a plateau at the end. The end is interesting when compare with tHb and  slope of SmO2  ( Hb diff).

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