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  • Another example – Sm02 peaks start reaching lower values on rebound, is this a sign of more sluggish recovery or is it simply because the Sm02 value during the load was lower and so can’t reach the same height in the same time.
Or   the  legs  are not completely relaxed s still  O2 used  so  less tHb  recovery and less  SmO2  recovery.

I love  your  questions  as it shows  so nicely  why e  do not  have a cook book  and why we  work  one by one  with different ideas  live as we do a 5/1/5 assessment  and ask  during  any assessment  to  try or  do something.
 The /1/5  protocol  is really bairn less  from a point of assessment and as bad  as  any classical tests. the physiological assessment really has no protocol but a guide line as  5/1/5  but I may chnage  during the assessment  the   length of a  step  or  repeat  the same step  3  times  with different options in the one  min break.

  can you imagine  how  that would sell  from a business point of  view.
 Not  at all , take an equipment run a  3 min test sent the  information in get a  LT  or a  %  of  maximal  and the zones  and you  are ready to roll  ( Smile ) very different here  but fun  and  exiting  to find limitation  in our own  knowldege.

To  this section.  You can take an SpO2  sensor  for some additional help   as they are very cheap.
 Than  you can start  counting  and   learn to feel your respiration as  you mentioned there  will be a chnage TV  and  RF. Than  you  can start using   a MOXY on a non priority muscle. If  it is a  clear respiration limitation we  have a  systemic reaction .   Here a  fun   case  you can try in the next  workout on yourself.
 Fix  the  moxy on any  upper body muscle  you may not  really use   in a low intensity bike  so biceps  or  fore  arm  or  delta  and bike  100 watt free handed  so upright sitting as  apart of your  warm up.
. Keep biking  and than  hold your  breath as  you bike  for as long as possible   and than look at time   delay and  time reaction   of SmO2 in  your arm moxy  as well as  the time , wen you  stopped breathing and the time  when you had  to  bretah again  and look at the systemic    reaction . 
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