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We have some 4" wide stretch medical tape which works very well to hold the device firmly in place. The tape holds well but is easy to remove. It is very stretchy so follows the contour of the muscle well and gives nicely with movement. Pictures attached.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Reading through some of the problems people had with the  placement  and fixation  you can see, that Herb gave a great solution.
 Many of the  often seen artifacts are  produced by the  way you mount and fix the device.
 If you use a sleeve or all around tape   than you already create a pressure, which during exercises will  be enhanced depending on the motion you do and the  activation of capillariation in and around the place, where you placed the device.  So in cycling for example, where you create a huge ROM with your knee and with it a  big change in diameter  on your quadriceps  you will always see a big  interfering but as well a change in actually readings. The below picture shows you a tHb  view during a cycle test over  10 seconds with closer view of a NIRS and you can even see , what the RPM of this athletes where.  This are  2 world class athletes one test is done in Switzerland on a Japanese  top athlete and the other here in Quesnel BC Canada on  one of the most successful  MTB guys in northamerica. You can see the smooth pattern due to the way we apply the equipment.
 It as well shows you , whether we have a symmetrically  oxygenation, when we apply the equipment on both sides.
 We can apply  4 and more sensors now and even can run both simultaneous on the screen to see quality of   movements  and at the same time we run a live quality signal control to be sure we have never a influence of motion and or light.
 When applying any kind of NIRS you always cover the equipment with a black cloth below the stretch tape  as well you apply the MOXY so you have R  and T from caudal to cranial or visa versa  and not   in a horizontal plane, as  the ITB  will interfere with the light source So this picture is only to show you the idea of the tape but the placing and the  optode   position is not the way we suggest. Cheers Juerg

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