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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
We take some different steps here, as we start , where we actually will end up.
We show you the endproduct of a over 15 year development of assessment steps and most likley it will not end here.
This is a short intro.
Our research groups in the UK, Switzerland , USA and Canada will do a hybrid assessment.
We will do a "classical" 3 min step test starting with 60 watt and increase every 3 min by 20 watt. ( no matter on the performance level
of the client.)
We will explain later why, once we get the first results in.
We had already a question with why so low ( 60 watt)
The different groups are all used to make 3 min
step tests. They will use their standard test equipment like VO2, lactate, if they have Physio flow, Portamon but all will use MOXY as well.
I hope to get the first tests in any day, as I like to use real numbers produced outside of our lab.
We than will start to explain and ask critical questions together with your help.
Here the endproduct of the organigram.
You can see what we use and when we use it and what the result suppose to give us.
Here a picture but look at the PP  ( an't open PP on here so check in at the FaCT forum at

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
No we like to keep it in pictures on this side. The following PP can be used by any reader, as we try to explain the idea behind PAHD versus " classical " testing.
 The initial part of our studies ( 3min step test shall support us in this case we make , and the critical reader may help us to add additional ideas.
Let's give you some work here by  enjoying a work team  between your brain , your ideas and the critical  info and questions we start to raise.

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