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I  will be back  after a  few  days  out of  touch  with  computer access.
I am as usual far behind  and  try to catch up  with all the great feedback on here.
 I  for sure will  miss  more than one  question  where I  can not give an answer but rather  more  questions and my personal opinion.
 I will try to  get on  top of this. Some great  areas .
 Runner  and  analytics  and interval.
The  indoor   cycling webinar and cross country skiers  double pole  assessment  a really great data  collection  with a lot  of  questions  to look trough. This is   because a  big part off my coaching was in that  field  and we had  some very different ideas   which seem to pick up now in the sport as well some great connections  to Norway  as  many  already  could enjoy n the forum.  AND

 one very important  section  I like to start . Self  critical  view  of NIRS  and MOXY  as I see many  people now  pushing  possibly too fast SmO2 into a metric  before looking at the full picture. So  we have to stay  critical here  to  avoid  the " lactate " and VO2 mess we created over  the  last  50 years  and see NIRS  what it is. 
 A  bio feedback live tool ,which  can be used to reflect on  physiological reactions taking place as  you work out.
 The  risk .
It is  for many new ,  so  needs  time to digest  and review  what we used.
 We  have to avoid  that it is used a a business  tool  wiht  the lack for limitation and advantages  it can bring. Many good  equipment's  got  destroyed  this  way as  they d created a bad  taste.  NIRS is  here to stay  so  the  race  for market  control  will or  already started.
 Cheaper   equipment's  will show up  with a lack of  quality  control  and or actual   wrong feedback's. 
So  an open mind  and a critical view  on  what you  look for  before spending money only makes sense.  There was somewhere one question on 100km  distance and  whether MOXY  can make   the person faster. I will  most likely start with that section  as  I  was hoping this  question never would show up on this forum.
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