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I am sorry for delayed feedbacks. No real excuse. I  promised  to answer  all mails  so over this weekend  I  sent over 200 emails  to answer  questions directly  sent  to me related  to  NIRS. Thanks so much  for the incredible   feedback  and great  help  to keep  us going.
 I have to start   focusing more on the  forum , so I will   be not that  fast anymore  for  personal  emails  but will try  to summarize  common  questions on here.
  would be  if  all  mails  go directly to here, as we  have  an ever so super fast growing  group  of  great open minded  people answering here many great  questions  and examples  so  I  can  try to focus  more and more  on additional  information's ,we can get  and use and read  out  of  NIRS .
 There are  some fundamental   ideas  and thoughts  which  are needed  to  appreciate  the  way  we read  and use  NIRS  for practical applications.
 I will try to  give  some thoughts on this ideas in the section: Theory, so we always  can go back and  add new ideas there  as they related  to many topics.
 The rowing  section is  a big part  and triggered a  set of internal mails.
 Respiration limitations is  an other part  and triggered  some mails  from different magazines  on this   section
 And last but not least,  as a  fair discussion the  question I got  at least  over  50  times in mails including data's,  is the difference between  BSX  NIRS  ( blood less lactate analyzer )  and  the  SmO2  from  MOXY  or the  Hb  difference    versus TSI  from Portamon.
 I  will try  to answer this  questions as  fair  and if possible unbiased  as possible by simply looking  at  studies and feedbacks  we  can give as well in the theory section.
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