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Here  some  f many daily uses  of NIRS in a  a practical  setting.
Try  for yourself  to   make an interpretation.
 All cases  are without  left  right comparison of  performance or strength, but in all cases there was a very easy  information  from one or the other leg.

Case   1.
C MAK  SmO2 legs.jpg   

Case   2

left and right.jpg

Case 3

smo2  all three.jpg 
ase  4

swiss smow  example left  right.jpg


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Thanks for these interesting case studies juerg. I will bave a quick try.

Case 4:
Legs seem well balanced, the strange trace is the triceps muscle. Not sure why the smo2 dips in the first few 1 min recoveries and then spikes in the later loads? Presumably this muscle gets more involved in later loads and less so in the first ones? Still the drop in the early loads is steep! Is this a utilisation issue or ist it a function of thb dropping causing smo2 to spike down too?

Case 3:
The leg traces start off very similar and are similar on recovery but very differnt during load. This says delivery to muscle is similar but utilisation completely different. The gap alao seema to increaae with intensity. I would guess some major utilisation problem for the leg that does not desaturate (right leg) or very imbalanced technique that gets worse with higher load.

Case 2: seems quite similar to case 3?

Case 1:
Overall traces are far apart, even on recovery suggesting that there might be delivery imbalance. Utilisation does not seem that different between the legs (at least relative to other cases). Interesting that lower leg utilisation is still more in-balance during the later loads whereas the other leg with higher sm02 has a decreasing trend.

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Great feedback.
 I  put this cases  up   as there are  very easy  to  understand  if we ave the  story  behind.
 But as well as the SmO2  alone is  great but not optimal
 Nevertheless I leave them here  just  as  SmO2 trends  and    regular  can try  to imagine how  tHB  may look like..
  Case  1 .
 MOXY  on left and right  calf  muscle lateral  gastrocnemius  head. Activity biking with  ability  to pull up on pedals
 Client  with a left  talocrurale  arthrodesis.
Meaning to   motion  for dorsal  or   plantar  motion  , so no possibility  to  activate  gastrocnemius  over  ankle  motion.

Case 2

MOXY on right and left  Rectus femoris
 Biking    on personal bike  with toe  clips.
ACL post ops 9 weeks,  right leg.Technique  based on  Clancy  so  they used   patellar  tendon  as a ACL  graft  (  1/3 )

Case 3

 MOXY  on right  and left  rectus  femoris
Biking on personal bike  with toe   clips
ACL post ops  9 weeks  right leg  with a   hamstrings  graft so  taken a  section of the  semitendinosus on his  right leg.

Case  4

MOXY  on left and right RF  and  right  triceps
Cross country skiing on  snow. Flat on a lake.  no know  injuries  simple assessment   on  snow.

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