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some more thoughts  on the very open and great feedback  on.

studied physiology for my Physical Education teaching degree and having done coaching courses and attending coaching conferences. It has all been about performance not physiology.

Over the last few years I have been under the belief that doing repetitions at MaxVO2 pace.

Again this I NOT  NOT a critic  on the  fair  and open feedback.

I simply  like to give it some thoughts  as I am more and more surprised  talking  with  coaches. But even more  as we have some great discussion with  exercise physiologist and many  with Ph.D in this  field

There is  no such thing like performance,  as  we  really  created performance  in the last  50 - 100 years  as we  created some thing  called  sport and exercise  physiology.
 Before   all of this  we talked   about  survival  trends  and  what  physiological properties  we  may need  to survive a long  walk , a  hard  run a   swim in cold  water and so on.
 I had  the privilege to  grow  up and go to the university of Berne  Switzerland  with an absolute pioneer in exercise physiology . Prof G Schoenholzer.

 He  told us  in the first  and most memorable lesson and he was already close to  80  at that time . so he  was a generation with Hill and Meyerhofer and  all this incredible Brains.

 There is NO performance  without  physiology, but there is a lot of physiology  who decides  how  you perform.  But at the end of  the  day  it is  all about  the  ability  to survive and  somewhere up in the brain there is a  needed control for that , the rest  is  feedback loop  to  survive as long as possible.

Now the most interesting part is, that this  great generation of  thinkers  really  had  this all the way in mind  and somewhere in the believe  we have to look at just performance   somewhere there we turned  the  thoughts upside  down  and  talk the great studies   from Hill into a very  different direction.  Somewhere somebody  with a lot of influences  create the   idea of a VO2  max  and  j used  Hills   name as a  Nobel price winner to  fix the myth.

Here a  short  section of his  work.

Hill ECGM.jpg 

Now  here a  short  idea or some thoughts  form a presentation we did in the first international NIRS  seminar  in Switzerland a few  years  back organized  from Idiag and Swinco .

something wnet  wrong.jpg 

something wnet  wrong 2.jpg

 So the summary is :


This motivated us  and still does  to find  tools  with  direct  live feedback to follow this survival reactions. So  we  are for the moment on this tool box. below.


 and now  we are   down  back to just 1  - 3 MOXY's  so back in the grassroots  activities.

The fact , that we  teach or better educate  people working  with  patients  and or athletes  and  average  people like you and me  and   have all  fixed  just on performance is   not easy to understand.

It is all about  an optimal efficient  functioning no matter on what level  and what performance. To create  an optimal personal best performance the physiology  or better the  physiological team has  to  be a  perfect team.

 So how  come we do VO2 max  training, when VO2 max is the  actual at that moment product  of  a  team approach. VO2  max  does  tell us nothing about the  effort of the  team members.

In any  decent  training  course we   should learn how VO2  is influenced.  Here a great picture  from a training course    by Holmberg SWE  Oestersund

vo2  holberg bike.jpg 

look at the wording  and add  what we  can  check  with some physiological ideas  with NIRS.
Ventilation  SpO2 / affinity -  O2  disscurve  and  O2Hb  HHb  /
O2  extraction /utilization /  SmO2  trend, Look  CO  on the top  right a key   part in " performance "
O2  transport  and energy  " store " just to name some in connection  with NIRS. What other tool  as a  coach  can I afford   and use live  who can give   just close  to all of this feed backs. ?

 So here a take on VO2  from our  side   which as many now understand is   different, but is it  that wrong ?

differetn view on  VO@.jpg   

Now look above all the different factors  who influence  VO2  and VO2  will decide on your performance. 
Question . How  can we believe  by using a performance  we  understand  what this performance to day may influence  in the  physiological team. It seems to be  back wards . I like to know  what a physiological reaction will have on impact on my performance  and therefore than  work on this  physiologic  weak link  to improve the overall performance of the team.
 This  brings us  down to the simple  steps  with using MOXY only.

And  to close the  circle . our idea on VO2  from a practical  approach

our idea on VO2  and NIRS.jpg 

Hope it makes a little bit sense. ?

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