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Hi all,

I read this study:

The resume shows this:

They had eight volunteers complete a series of cycling time-to-exhaustion tests lasting roughly half an hour, in warm conditions (86 F/30 C, 50 percent humidity) with varying degrees of artificial solar radiation.
The solar radiation levels were 800 watts per square meter (corresponding to noon under a clear sky at the latitude of Japan or Britain), 500 (thin clouds in summer), 250 (thick clouds in summer), and 0.

It’s clear that solar radiation makes a big difference, at least when it’s already hot enough that the subjects are dealing with overheating.

What’s interesting is how the solar radiation did (and didn’t) affect the physiological variables they measured. Core temperature, sweat loss, heart rate, and several other parameters were unaffected.

What did change significantly was skin temperature, which was higher when radiation was higher. It’s possible that this had a physiological effect, due to increased blood flow to the skin (though they weren’t able to detect this); or it may contribute to a greater perception of body temperature. The data doesn’t give any clear answers here.

-- Here it becomes interesting.  Could we prove this with the help of moxy ? that the bloodflow to the skin changes ? --

Still, there’s a pretty important practical message to take from this study: looking at the thermometer, and even checking the humidity, doesn’t give you the whole picture when you’re considering how hot a run is likely to be. Check the cloud cover!


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Were all the test subjects caucasian?

It would be interesting to see this same testing applied to a group with a wide span of skin pigmentation as well - see how the extra melanin affects the response to increased radiation.

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Great   info. The first  time  solar  idea  was used  was  by the former  DDR  which used  Davos  Switzerland as a stimulation for altitude  with solar  exposure. Friedrich Miescher   1890  +  was a  Doctor    up there  who   started to  question the benefit  of O2  a  but showed the benefit  of  CO2.. The   used  solar  for  homone  release   for EPO  activation paired  with  Vit  D  and  beet juice  for NO  release
 . I  have to find some  old studies    where as well Dr. Alder  from St. Moritz  and  my  Prof  from the university  Prof  Schoenholzer  where involved.
.  The idea was as well  stimulation of  mitochondria   density. Toady we  know  that  altitude  over a  certain time  may  actually destroy  mitochondria density  but in the short term may be beneficial . ( Hoppeler  Hans  et  all  Anatomical   Institute  of Bern  Switzerland )  Skin  temperature and  nirs.
 we used bio harness nirs  sensor and portamon  and MOXY  to see whether the skin temperature  change was seen in  the NIRS reaction. In short  . when  Skin temp  went up  with  had  an increase in T1    and a  drop in T3  and MOXY. When  skin temp  dropped  with  had  an increase in MOXY  and T3  but a  drop in T1.
 We had a  fun demonstration in Zurich  with a  finish  long distance  MTB  world  class athlete  where we run a live  demo  with  all the toys  and we had the same . As  soon he  was  getting  to  a higher intensity  and  had  to  cool the   body temperature  we  had the  drop in  MOXY  and  an increase in  Portamon.
 Will  as well try to  find  some of this  graphs  to  show you.

 Now  much more  fun is  to see the connection  with the cardiac   system  and a such the interaction  with the repsiratroy system.
 That is  where we   will have much more  fun and ideas, once this different groups     who do  research  start to combien  the different  "team members"  and not just use  one specific  direction which than leads  to  conclusion based on  ideas theories  and speculations.
 we  are guilty on this as well when we us only NIRS   but there is  for the practical coach a limitation in funds  and having three  MOXYs  is  for the moment  the  cheapest  way to get the most physiological infos  in as it  can be  used in the field and the  lab.  So  as in this stduy    why dd  they not combined  the NIRS   with their  idea.
 Red bull   Per Lundstrome  did  some incredible  studies in   Death Valley  and altitude  where the tested  skin temperature  and core temperature and combined  NIRS    whit Portamion   brain  nirs  and MOXY to see the different interactions.
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